Where to see in 2015

Needing some inspiration on how and where to spend this New Years Eve?

Where to see in 2015

Has your New Years Eve party invitation gone missing in the mail?  Do you need some inspiration on how and where to spend New Years Eve and welcome in 2015. Our suggestions on where to view the firework spectaculars in Australia’s capital cities are:


Mrs Macquarie's Point provides fantastic public viewing areas to enjoy the fireworks display on the harbour, arguably one of the best NYE firework displays in the world.


Celebrations are usually spread out at various locations around the city, perennial favourites are at the Docklands, Federation Square and along the Yarra River. Stake your place early to catch some of the amazing fireworks. 


Festivities, which include fireworks and free entertainment, will be centred around The Story Bridge and along Southbank on the Brisbane River. 


The Foreshore Music Festival with its midnight extravaganza is held directly across from Burswood Park in East Perth, so grab your picnic rug and head down to the park for a prime position from which to see the spectacle.


One of the parks along the River Torrens will offer you the best vantage points to enjoy the NYE fireworks display.


With plenty of lawn and park space around Lake Burley Griffin, you can secure yourself a good spot to view the fabulous fireworks.


Claim your position along the tourist precinct at Sullivans Cove on the Derwent River to see in the New Year.


The wharf area of Australia’s northern most capital city is where most of the NYE activities will be focused.

Do you see the New Years in by watching the fireworks display in your city? Do you have a secret vantage point to share?


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    26th Dec 2014
    That's probably over 150,000,000 the Libs could pay off the Nation Debt wasted ??
    Show Last Years on a Big Screen !!

    Yeah Right ! Start Whinging !!.. I'm Just keeping up with all the Screeching I heard from them throughout the Year !! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
    26th Dec 2014
    Except that fireworks are a City Council (or local council) issue NOT the responsibility of the federal government. Lighten up Particolour.

    Given that the world (about 1.5 billion people)looks to the Sydney fireworks as the global benchmark and that Sydney and the rest of NSW and Australia benefits from the tourism payoff, the around $7million for Sydney's display is worth every cent.
    26th Dec 2014
    I knew it would attract another one !! All the Lefties are out enjoying Themselves .!!.
    Others are in Panic Mode !!..
    Fireworks Globally add 5,000 Tons of Carbon to the Atmosphere !! COUGH COUGH !!
    I've Joined the Greens this Year !! ..
    I'm ready !... NEXT !!..
    26th Dec 2014
    Just to be clear, in Sydney, Mrs Macquarie's Point is only one of many many vantage points on the harbour. However, be warned, many parks and hill tops are now ticketed and many more are alcohol free. So do your research early to pick your spot so you can do the activities you want on New Year's Eve such as have a glass (or should that be 'plastic' given that glasses are also banned in many places) of the tipple of your choice without the price tag that comes with some venues now that alcohol is banned.
    26th Dec 2014
    26th Dec 2014
    The other channels will only show You the Colour They want You to see, Most probably all the Blue Fireworks !!..Enjoy He! He !!
    26th Dec 2014
    Yes...the ABVC
    Yes...the ABC shows the best N J fireworks, so I drink a glass of eggng & enjoy them on my
    bigscreen tv in the comfort of my home... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone talofa

    27th Dec 2014
    This country and it's citizens are on the path to prosperity and security under LNP

    We are in good hands.
    27th Dec 2014
    Please send Me a copy of that Hymn Sheet Your singing from !!
    And next we will sing "Enjoy Your Caliphate"........

    30th Dec 2014
    No interest in vantage points for NYE's firework displays...$750,000 on Sydney alone...over-rated and a complete waste of money as far as I'm concerned.

    Happy New Year folks.

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