19th Dec 2014
Word of the year 2014
Word of the year 2014

It’s been a year chock-full of memorable trigger words, from Tony Abbott’s call for Aussies to band together for ‘Team Australia’ to the renaming of King Hit to ‘Coward Punch’. However, it’s no surprise what is the National Dictionary Centre’s official word of the year.


When Prime Minister Tony Abbott this year threatened to "shirtfront" President Vladimir Putin, the world got on board, quickly adopting the phrase into popular vernacular.

The word has certainly been tossed around in our office once or twice, but what does it actually mean? A brutal shoulder charge in Australian rules football (AFL) where a player instead of tackling an opponent, bumps them forcefully in the chest.

Other words that made the shortlist are:

  • Man bun
  • Team Australia
  • Ned Kelly beard
  • Coward Punch

Read more at ABC.


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    31st Dec 2014
    I think the most used "new" word by the media at least is 'SHAPE'. A simple word, that has now gained many meanings, from sport to drunken brawls.
    And I hope the NEW YEAR shapes up to be a good one for all and please don't let yourself get out shape.
    2nd Jan 2015
    Two current fad words that get me cranky are 'absolutely' (instead of yes), and, when answering a question, starting a sentence with 'Look', which inherently means that the interviewee is making a clear point that the questioner is an idiot, and therefore is asking a stupid question.
    7th Jan 2015
    I would like to see a qualification on the word "retiree", it denotes a withdrawal from things, in life, when it's only formal employment we have withdrawn from. in fact it is just a category that people want to put you in. If I was a 40 something millionaire, who didn't work I would be called a play girl/adventurer or freelance traveller.... Let's think of a better title for us....
    9th Jan 2015
    Agree Katie. How about elders? I love the seniority and respect this word implies, never mind that we don't always get it!

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