Welcome to the YOURLifeChoices Government page. Here you will find information and resources on the various services provided by state, territory and federal governments through the departments of Social Services, Health and Veterans’ Affairs. On these pages we feature the ‘need to know’ shortcuts to relevant government departments, what they can offer you or your family and how to claim your Seniors Card when you qualify.

Visit our Pension page for the latest changes or pension increases. Government centrelink seniors card pension veteran affairsOur Centrelink page has a wealth of information on the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and how to claim your pension overseas. We regularly update our Centrelink page with questions from subscribers, answered by Centrelink, so you can easily find the information you need.

Helpful Government Websites

1. One stop health shop
If you’re battling a health concern, looking to get fitter, or trying to find out more information about a specific illness, the Federal Government sponsors many initiatives to keep Australians healthy. Discover useful information about recent studies, the latest updates to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and what services are available to you.


2. Understand your Centrelink benefits
Find out if you qualify for the Age Pension, Newstart Allowance, or Disability Support Pension. Claiming a benefit, reporting your income or applying for an advance payment are just some of the things you can do using Centrelink’s Online Services. You can also download useful Centrelink publications.


3. Supporting our servicemen and women
Offering practical support to those who have served, or are currently serving, and their families, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) website is a useful tool to help navigate the services available. The site has details of rehabilitation services, benefits which can be claimed and to which health care card you may be entitled. You can also access counselling services and sign up for the DVA quarterly publication, Vetaffairs.


4. Digital TV is coming
The switch to digital television is well underway, with some areas having already made the switch. The Government has a program underway to ensure those on an Age Pension or receiving other qualifying benefits can access digital television for little or no cost.  If you haven’t already switched over, you can find out if your television is digital ready, whether you qualify for the Government’s free set-top box scheme, when the switchover will happen in your area and what are the benefits of digital television.



5. Managing your money
If you’re looking to keep track of your daily spend, understand your superannuation statement or get ready for retirement – where do you start? is a well-organised government site which allows you to search for money tips and ideas depending on your age and stage. While you may not be looking to save for your first home, you might appreciate some tips on how to boost your superannuation balance, manage your Age Pension, find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you or learn how to balance your bank book.


6. Go green and save
The carbon tax was implemented on 1 July 2012 and the first household assistance payments have been issued. If you've missed out, are not sure if you received the correct amount, or are in need of extra assistance, then you can calculate your correct level of assistance, get some tips on reducing your energy use and find out more about why the carbon tax is being implemented. Make sure you're getting what you are due.


7. Is private health insurance worth the money?
Each year when your private health insurance renewal arrives you will no doubt ask yourself if it’s worth the money, can you really afford it or can you afford not to have it? While there are a few sites around which help you compare insurance premiums, you may not fully understand for what you are signing. will enable you to understand what clauses such as lifetime coverage mean, how much your Private Health Insurance Rebate will be and what is your health funds obligation to you.


8. Protect your online information
Many Australians think nothing of banking, shopping and chatting online, but how many consider the implications of an unauthorised person getting hold of your personal details and passwords? When you hear cyber-bullying reported in the media, do you understand it, or do you have family and friends who have experienced it first hand? Interacting online can be safe and secure if you follow a few simple tips.


9. Accessing Medicare services
If you’ve ever stood in a queue to claim a Medicare benefit or waited on the phone to update your personal details, you may be pleased to know that certain Medicare items can now be claimed online, you can update your details in minutes and you can register for the Organ Donation Scheme.  You can find out what services are covered by Medicare and which medications are funded by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.


10. Before you go
Whether you’re heading across the Tasman to New Zealand or going trekking in deepest, darkest Peru, you need to be aware of any travel warnings, health recommendations and visa requirements to ensure a safe and happy trip. Smart Traveller will give you details of any travel warnings, allow you to register your travel details and help you find out if you need any vaccinations before you travel.

NSW election win good for PM

NSW election win good for PM

The results are in – the Liberals win the NSW election and the Aussie’s win ...

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  1. Q&A from Joe’s press conference
  1. Undeserved council complaints
  1. Snapshot of Commission of Audit report
  1. A response to pension cuts

Government gives back your money

Government gives back your money

Abbott Government to reverse legislation moving ‘inactive’ account balances to ASIC.

Intergenerational Report released

Intergenerational Report released

Here’s a breakdown of what it says and how will it affect your future.

2.5 million living in poverty

2.5 million living in poverty

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has released a report which shows that one ...

Should I go back to my maiden name?

Should I go back to my maiden name?

After ending two marriages, Sally would like to revert to her maiden name.

Radical plan to cut power bills

Radical plan to cut power bills

Would you be happy to pay 700 per cent more for your power on hot ...

New asset deeming limits

New asset deeming limits

The asset thresholds which apply to deeming rates for the Age Pension have changed from ...


Transitional Age Pension increases

Transitional Age Pension rates increased 20 March 2015.

New rates

Centrelink holiday arrangements

The Easter holiday period may mean altered reporting and payment dates.

When will you be paid?

Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill is wondering how his wife’s Age pension will affect his claim for the Carer Payment.

Will I still get Carer Payment?


GP co-payment ‘dumped’

The $7 GP co-payment has been ‘dumped’, but GPs may still be able to charge.

Will you have to pay?

Medicare to close on Saturdays

Medicare offices are set to close on Saturdays.

Will this affect you?

Net medical expenses tax offset

Will you still be able to claim the net medical expenses tax offset next year?

Changes to net medical expenses tax offset

Seniors Card

Seniors Card – who can get one?

Eligibility for a Seniors Card varies depending in which state or territory you reside. So if you’re 60 years or over, it may be worthwhile checking if you can apply for a Seniors Card. Australian Capital Territory In the Australian Capital Territory, to be eligible ...

Am I eligible?

Seniors Card – What is it?

The Seniors Card is administered by the separate state and territory governments.

What are the benefits?

Seniors Card – Where can you use it?

Seniors Card discounts are offered by different businesses and government departments.

Benefit from discounts

Federal Government

GP visits to cost more than $5

One million GP services will cost patients more than the $5 fee planned by the government.

Will you pay?

Welfare review signals change

Review undertaken by Patrick McClure has found welfare system needs restructured.

Will you be affected?

The PM, the Press Club & pensions

PM faces National Press Club to spell out agenda for families and small business.

But what about pensions?

State Government

Taxi subsidy schemes

If you can’t access public transport then you may be entitled to a taxi subsidy

Are you eligible for a taxi subsidy?

Free transport alternative to driving

Free public transport for pensioners may make not driving more appealing.

Free public transport for pensioners

Low income energy rebate increase

The Low Income Household Rebate replaced the Energy rebate, and is paid at the rate of $200 per annum.

Make a claim

Veterans’ Affairs

Supporting veterans

The Government has allocated additional funding for mental health programs for veterans.

ANZAC Centenary

Veteran’s service goes online

Accessing support services and providing information online is a time saving way to deal with large organisations.

Find out more

Veterans Organisations and Web Sites

Find information about Veterans Organisations.

Get more information


Low Income Health Care Card

You may qualify for a Low Income Health Care Card if your income falls below the qualifying limits.

Do you qualify?

Pension changes get Green light

Changes to pension asset thresholds and taper rate will pass through the Senate.

Pension changes ahead

Cashless welfare card to be trialled

The government will trial a cashless welfare card in some areas later this year.

A good or bad idea?


Dr Karl pulls out of the IGR

Dr Karl has withdrawn support for government’s ‘flawed’ Intergenerational Report.

Another celeb backflip

Transitional Age Pension increases

Transitional Age Pension rates increased 20 March 2015.

New rates

Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill is wondering how his wife’s Age pension will affect his claim for the Carer Payment.

Will I still get Carer Payment?

Federal Budget 2013-14

Medicare changes

Changes to the EMSN may mean more of your medical expenses will be covered.

But less bulk billing doctors

DisabilityCare Australia

DisabilityCare Australia will be rolled out at a cost of $19.3 billion over seven years.

Launched from July 2013

Superannuation reforms

The Government’s plan to make the retirement income system stronger, fairer.

Maximum age limit abolished

Federal Budget

Bill’s Budget reply

Bill Shorten has given his response to Joe Hockey’s 2015/16 Budget, with education, small business, infrastructure and science ranking as his cornerstones for building a secure future for Australia. If you missed his response, you can watch it here.

Do you agree?

Rate cut “good news” says Joe

The RBA’s cut to the official cash rate isn’t good news for all.

Bad news for retirees

Sneaky cuts will cost

The removal of commonwealth funding for certain concessions could hit pensioners hard.

Did you hear about these cuts?

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