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The Australian government offers an Age Pension for older citizens who cannot fully fund their retirement through an allocated pension. This pension is paid through Centrelink. Pension payments are described by the government as an “adequate” income in retirement. However, many seniors would not agree as a single Age Pension entitlement, with all supplements, is currently around $19,400 per annum.

Not every Australian will be eligible for an Age Pension.

government centrelink age pensions disability seniors

There are certain income and asset tests you need to pass and also Age and Residential requirements that need to be met.

This site keeps you up-to-date with pension increases, the disability support pension and changes to Centrelink rulings including whether you can still claim your pension while overseas.

Changes to DSP claims

Changes to DSP claims

The assessment process of claims for the Disability Support Pension changed on 1 January.

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Will more super affect my pension?

Will more super affect my pension?

Would extra super payments be assessed by Centrelink and affect the Age Pension?

Deeming rules confusion

Deeming rules confusion

John believes many of the rules surrounding the changes to deeming rules are detrimental.

Parental gifting

Parental gifting

How will granny flat arrangements and gifting an inheritance advancement affect the pension?

Granny flat arrangements

Granny flat arrangements

How do the rules surrounding granny flat agreements affect pension payments?

Changes to deeming rules

Changes to deeming rules

Who will be affected by 1 January changes to deeming rules?

New Zealand pension claims

New Zealand pension claims

How will the increased working-life residency requirement affect those from New Zealand?

Will you get a pension?

Retiring from the workforce

Can you get the Age Pension if you stop working before 65?

Discover your entitlements

Couple's Age Pension quandary

Jeff would like to know if he will receive a single or couples' Age Pension.

Will I get a couple's Age Pension?

How much pension will I get?

Trish is having difficulty understanding how much Age Pension she’ll receive.

Will it be enough?

Age Pension

What are my retirement options?

Debbie McTaggart explains why you don’t have to give up work.

Retirement Planning

Lump-sum withdrawals

Beth wants to know if a lump-sum withdrawal will affect her Age Pension.

Will her pension be affected?

Age Pension increases September 2014

For those who receive an Age Pension or Disability Support Pension, the increases, which will take effect from 20 September 2014, have been announced. Single Age Pensions will rise by $11.50 to $854.30 per fortnight for full pensions Couples Age Pension will rise by $17.40 to ...

Will you get more?

Claiming Your Pension Overseas

Changes to pensions overseas

When you leave Australia your rate of payment may change after 26 weeks.

Will you get paid less?

Centrelink’s residency requirements

When applying for an Age Pension you must meet residency requirements

Can you get an Age Pension?

Overseas pensions

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Ronnie is based in the US and would like to know more about claiming an Australian Age Pension from across the pond and not being liable for tax. Q. Ronnie I'm looking for information on Australian pensions being paid while living in ...

Claim your pension overseas

Disability Support Pension

How much will be exempt?

Will downsizing be a blessing in disguise for Graham?

Centrelink explains

Pension advance payments

A pension advance payment could help Tracy deal with a couple of unexpected bills.

Centrelink advance payment options

Possible DSP changes

Sue has heard that there may be changes to the hours which one can work while claiming the Disability Support Pension and would like this clarified.

How many hours can you work?

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Pension increases

Pension increases

From 20 March 2012 pension rates will increase in line with cost of living increases. This will result in an increase of $6.70 for a single Age Pension.

Will your pension increase?

Income test limits for pensions

Income test limits for pensions

The CPI rise in pension payments is also reflected by an increase in the amount of income you can receive before you lose your pension completely.

Centrelink income tests

Utility bills are on the rise

Utility bills are on the rise

YOURLifeChoices shows how to reduce your power costs and make your life that little bit easier.

Reduce your power costs now

Increased asset test limits

Increased asset test limits

Asset limits have been reviewed and increased in line with recent CPI pension increases.

Centrelink asset test

Guide to Centrelink

Guide to Centrelink

YOURLifeChoices answer your questions on the Age Pension, Starting retirement and using Centrelink Online Services.

Your Centrelink questions answered