23rd Aug 2011

First Aid Courses


Most Australians will have done a first aid course at some point in their lives but what most of us forget is that first aid information, like everything else, is always being updated. InAustralia, first aid certificates are only valid for three years so it is important to keep track of the last refresher course you attended. With all of the great courses on offer, updating your first aid knowledge is easy. Are your first aid skills in shipshape condition?

Here are some of Australia’s nationally accredited courses:


St John Ambulance Australia

To book, call 1300 360 455

Or visit http://www.stjohn.org.au

Cost: $190 for a full day (Apply First Aid)


Australian Red Cross

To book, call 1300 367 428

Or visit http://www.redcross.org.au

Cost: $110 for a full day (Basic First Aid)

         $145 for a full day (Senior First Aid)


Australian Red Cross also offers online training in the comfort of your own home. Click here for more information.

Cost: $150 (Apply First Aid)



Australian First Aid

To book, call 1300 975 889

Or visit http://australianfirstaid.com.au

Cost varies with each location


First Aid International

To book, call 1300 36 56 75

Or visit http://www.firstaidinternational.com.au

Cost: $160 or $120 for recertification


Note: The course that was originally called ‘Senior First Aid’ is now called ‘Apply First Aid’

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