21st Feb 2012

Interest rate comparisons


With all the talk about interest rates at the moment it’s worth doing some calculations to decide whether your current rate is giving you the best possible value. Online home loan calculators are a fantastic way of evaluating the alternative options to your current home loan.

We’ve provided a comparison between the big four banks and the smaller organisations using one of our favourite online calculators (link to article). As you will see in the table below, the results can vary greatly and can be surprising. These calculations are based on a $200,000 loan paid over 15 years.  

Big Four Banks:


Type of loan

Rate (%)

Monthly Repayment

Interest paid


Tailored Home Loan





Standard Variable Rate Home Loan






Standard Variable Rate Home Loan





Rocket Repay Home Loan






Other lenders:


Type of loan

Rate (%)

Monthly repayment

Interest paid

V Plus Home Loans

Advantage Plus Home Loan





Full Doc Home Loan





Dream Loan




State Custodians Mtg Co

Standard Variable Offset Loan











If you believe that you may be able to save money on your monthly repayment, read How to get the best bank deal, for more information on how to start you search.


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