24th Oct 2011

Mind your mind


Alzheimer’s Australia has undertaken extensive research into the way different factors can reduce the likelihood of suffering from dementia in later years. Known as the “seven mind-your-mind signposts”, they spell out simple yet effective techniques for keeping your mind healthy.

Seven mind-your-mind signposts

Mind your brain
Research has shown time and time again that keeping your mind active can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Simple things like crosswords, mental arithmetic, Sudoku, card games and puzzles can all help keep your mind active. Keeping active about your home not only has physical benefits but it also keeps your mind working. To find out more click here.

Mind your diet
How you eat has an effect on not only your physical being but also your mental wellbeing. Reducing saturated fats such as dairy products, processed meats, bread and cakes and increasing your intake of protective foods such as fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, nuts, avocados, kiwi fruits and lentils, can keep you more mentally alert. To find out more click here.

Mind your body
Mind and body come as part of a team, look after both, you can’t live without either. Aerobic exercise - anything that gets your heart pumping – for about 30 minutes a day is recommended for everyone. If you’re not able to get up and about, anything that keeps you blood flowing will be beneficial. Try leg curls, raising your arms above your head, even wiggling your toes is better than nothing. To find out more click here.

Mind your health checks
Regular health checks will put your mind at ease that everything is working as it should be, or will enable you to seek medical assistance if something isn’t quite right. Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight should all be checked regularly. To find out more click here. 

Mind your social life
Keeping in touch with people is very important for your mental health. Even simple conversation keeps your mind active and serotonin, which is released from the brain when you are happy, will help fight depression. To find out more click here

Mind your habits
Bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much and staying up late can impact on the sharpness of your brain. Remember – everything in moderation! To find out more click here.  

Mind your head
Knocks and bumps to the head may eventually have an impact on how your brain works. Keep your head protected when cycling, riding and playing sport and always wear a seatbelt when in a vehicle. To find out more click here. 


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