13th May 2014

Pension payments overseas

Debbie McTaggart

Most of the changes to the Disability Support Pension (DSP) announced in the Federal Budget 2014 will affect those under 35, with tightened assessments and new programs to ensure those who have the capacity to work can do so. Indexation of pensions, including the DSP, will change from July 2017.

The Federal Government is also moving to tighten the rules surrounding the portability of the DSP, by reducing the length of time a recipient can leave Australia and still be paid the DSP to four weeks per 12-month period. Some exceptions will remain, such as for terminally ill people and those assessed as having a severe impairment.


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17th May 2014
Is that 4 weeks per 12 month period Or 4 weeks per holiday. IE Can take 2 separate 4 week holidays in one year.
I have been told current allowance is 42 days, but resets and starts again if you take a second separate holiday?
19th May 2014
How can a pensioner afford to go overseas, aren't we all Poor!!!!
14th Jul 2015
Well, there is still some obscurity about the matter and I wish to know more details about this new rule. How exactly is the calculation made and what other expenses should we expect when this is implemented.

smoke cheese

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