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Do not take a drive down the information superhighway without taking YOURLifeChoices crash course. With all the information on the internets best deals, internet plans, the latest with the NBN and everything else internet, our internet page is the only place that will keep you up to speed on all things internet....especially internet speed.

Internet prices to fall

Internet prices to fall

An ACCC draft decision may see internet prices fall for millions of Australian internet users.

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New copyright Bill passes Senate

New copyright Bill passes Senate

New copyright laws may see information censored, along with illegal content.

Get to know these internet phrases

Get to know these internet phrases

A few of the most common internet phrases and what they mean.

Keep your metadata private

Keep your metadata private

Greens senator Scott Ludlam’s tips for keeping your metadata private.

How do we compare online?

How do we compare online?

Have you ever wondered how the internet in Australia compares to the rest of the ...

Internet Deals

Review your plan and save

One simple phone call to your internet service provider or mobile internet provider could save you $$$ every month, so perhaps it’s time to check if you’re receiving value for money.

Are you paying too much for broadband?

Senior discounts on broadband plans

Most people consider an internet connection to be an essential service, especially as many organisations now encourage customers to manage their accounts online instead of a traditional bill through the mail. So it may come as a surprise that there is not much in the way of assistance ...

Start saving now

Broadband for Seniors update

The Federal Government’s Broadband for Seniors program is now well underway, with 197 kiosks operational. Implemented by NEC, in association with Learning Australia (ALA), the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA) and the University of the Third Age Online, the aim of the program is to ...

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Best broadband internet plans

Drew looks at the best broadband internet plans on the market to help you save money

Are you paying too much for the internet?

4G wifi devices

Drew explains where 4G coverage is currently available and how much a connection will cost.

Speed up your internet

Affordable Australian internet alternative

Joyce isn't happy about the price she’s being charged by her internet provider

Are you paying too much?

National Broadband Network

NBN announces new rollout plans

NBN Co has announced the next stage of the controversial broadband network.

When is the NBN is coming to you?

NBN “rushed, chaotic and inadequate”

A new report on the NBN has politicians quarrelling over the project.

Did they plan enough?

New NBN rolled out by end 2016

The new NBN Model will be available to every Australian premises by 2016.

Timetable ‘very tight’

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