Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an integral part of many Australians life. Although seniors have long been ignored with this technology, things are now changing. Mobile phones are being created specifically to target senior users. Mobile phones can give you a link to anyone no matter where you are. Many mobile phones can now also, take photos, record sound, record videos, play games, watch tv, the list is almost endless.

Top 10 telecommunication websites

telecommunication australiaAllowing you to compare telecommunication plans for tablets, mobile phones and broadband plans from the top companies in the market, WhistleOut should be your first stop before making a purchase.

Live Connected
A new BYO mobile phone plan provider using the Optus network, Live Connected offers some of the cheapest rates available with a $500 talk/text plan with 1.5GB of included internet data setting you back $11.99 per month.

CNET Reviews
CNET provides expert opinions and reviews on the latest technology gadgets to hit the shelves. Whether you are looking to purchase a tablet, mobile phone or any other electronic device, CNET has you covered.

Free Texting Online
Send free text messages to any phone around the world for free from your computer. The most useful item on this service is the ability to set up SMS reminders to be sent at a certain day and time.

Google+ Hangouts
A recent addition to Google’s online offerings, Google+ Hangouts are free, web-based video conferences which require no software and allow multiple people to communicate at the one time.

Set up a wifi hotspot with your smartphone
Out and about or visiting friends but don’t have access to the internet? If you have one of the latest smartphones, set it up as a wireless hotspot for up to three computers to use!

VoIP Choice
VoIP Choice explains how Voice over Internet Protocol works, compares available plans and tells you how a connection could save you $$$ on your phone bills every month.

Skype Internet Access
Not just video conferencing software anymore, Skype allows you to access over one million pay-per-minute WiFi providers worldwide on your laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can expect to pay around $8 on average for one hours use anywhere in the world.

Seniors discounts and bundling plans
There are savings to be made on broadband and home phone plans if you know where to look. Compare Broadband explains what discounts are available for seniors and how to decrease costs through bundling.

Free calls and texts on smartphones
Viber is a smartphone application which allows you to call, text and picture message anyone, anywhere in the world, for free. The application does require access to a wifi network, otherwise it will use up your plan data.

Do you still need a landline?

Do you still need a landline?

Do you really need to keep your landline?

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How to prevent telemarketer calls

How to prevent telemarketer calls

We explain how you can prevent nuisance calls from telemarketers.

Make your battery last longer

Make your battery last longer

Anne Rady shares a few simple tips that will help you stretch your battery to ...

Double your battery life

Double your battery life

We’ve found the top five battery extenders for all your devices.

Roaming without the sky-high rates

Roaming without the sky-high rates

Options designed to combat overseas roaming costs and post-trip phone bill depression.

Mobile Phones

Which phone plan is for you?

Learn about the differences between pre-paid, post-paid and month-by-month plans.

Choose wisely

Review: Simple senior friendly phone

Drew reviews the newest senior friendly mobile phone on the market.

Affordable mobile phone

Telstra reduces roaming rates

Telstra has cut their global roaming rates to 20 per cent of current levels.

But are the prices fair?


Apps to replace on your iPhone

Which apps should you replace on your iPhone?

Better apps

Should you sleep with your phone?

A lot of people take their smartphone to bed with them.

Is it harmful?

App of the month August

Rustle up a meal and find the perfect match for your dog with these free apps.

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Senior-friendly mobile phone

The mobile phone market is saturated with choice, but it can still be difficult to find a phone that is suitable for senior Australians.