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Not everyone is trustworthy. The sheer size of the internet and the “virtual” anonymity of transactions and conversations mean ever more vigilance is required. The YOURLifeChoices Security, Spam and Scams page is aimed at providing you with the latest news and updates to keep you secure. Why not get a Free Anti-Virus Scanner, find out the latest Spam and Scams doing the rounds so you are not hit, or read up on how to prevent Identity Theft!

Ten best security websites

The SCAMwatch website is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and provides information on how to recognise, avoid and report scams. You can find details on the latest scams in operation and the site has also broken down scams into categories like identity theft scams, mobile phone scams and chain letter scams.

Stay Smart Online
The Australian Government's cybersecurity website provides information for Australian internet users on the simple steps you can take to protect your personal and financial information online.

Did you know that it’s possible for your smartphone to get a virus, or for someone to hack into your smartphone to steal your information or run up large phone bills in your name? Techradar has a comprehensive guide to smartphone security, which can help you to avoid falling victim to these smartphone crimes.

This site offers a comprehensive guide to what people like to download and what are the latest downloads available. It provides a useful guide to the free anti-virus software that is available online.

Australian Government
The Australian Government has created a guide to help all Australians stay safe and secure online by implementing security measures, gaining knowledge and reducing risks.

Google Security Blog
Get the most up-to-date online security news at the Google Security Blog. Security breaches, warnings, news of new viruses and more are publicised by Google, so you can stay on top of threats to your online safety.

Money Buddy
Making sure your online banking is secure is important for many reasons. Money Buddy’s guide to securing your online banking explains how to protect your money and avoid identity theft and the five minutes it takes to read could save you from an online banking attack.

A leading company in the technology information business, PCWorld produces a magazine as well as publishes articles on its website. With the only security measure between your personal information and a hacker being your password, PCWorld explains how to create a secure password you can remember.

Good Security Questions
Many websites, including Centrelink (now known as Human Services), will ask you to create a series of security questions in case you forget your password. But a poorly chosen security question could give a hacker easy access to your information. So how do you choose a good security question?

Shopping online is fast, convenient and often the goods are delivered directly to your door. But how can you be sure it’s safe? PCMag offers 11 tips for safe online shopping, so you know when, how and where it is safe to pay for items online.

Avoid online dating scams

Avoid online dating scams

How to spot and avoid online dating scams and what to do if a scammer ...

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SMS verification

SMS verification

SMS verification is one of the most effective ways to protect your online accounts ...

One billion passwords stolen

One billion passwords stolen

A Russian gang has stolen over one billion usernames and passwords.

Deals website hacked

Deals website hacked

Under current laws, COTD was within its rights not to inform customers of website hacking.

How to safely sell old technology

How to safely sell old technology

Secondhand smartphones possess some of their previous owners’ personal information.

Viruses & Antivirus

ISIS malicious email warning

ACMA is warning computer users of an email scam which may contain a malicious virus.

Be careful when checking email

iPhone and iPad virus

The first significant virus to infect iPhones and iPads has just been discovered.

Stay protected

Is free antivirus software worthwhile?

Without virus protection you're leaving your computer's front door unlocked for viruses.

Which program is best?


ISIS malicious email warning

ACMA is warning computer users of an email scam which may contain a malicious virus.

Be careful when checking email

Avoid online dating scams

How to spot and avoid online dating scams and what to do if a scammer contacts you

Get scam-savvy

Avoid phone scams

Find out how to identify telephone scams and stay safe this festive season.

The season of taking

Secure Access

Securing your Google account

Drew explains how to secure your account through mobile verification.

Stay secure online

The 25 worst internet passwords

Online security experts SplashData has been compiled a list of the most hacked passwords.

Are you guilty of using any of these?

Tips to keep your data secure

The internet is not as safe or secure as it used to be

Protect your passwords

Identity Theft

Identity theft and fraud

IDcare is a new charity which aims to help victims of identity theft find their footing.

Find help

Is your smartphone being tracked?

New spy software could allow your partner to record all your smartphone activity.

Are you being tracked?

Criminals to target ATMs over Christmas

Think you’re safe withdrawing money from your local shopping centre ATM?

Protect your money

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The 25 worst internet passwords

The 25 worst internet passwords

SplashData has released their “25 worst passwords of 2011” based on the most hacked passwords on the internet. The perennial favourite of “password” heads the list.

Are any of yours on there?

Beginner's Guide to Facebook

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There are many facets to Facebook which are fun, social and actually somewhat addictive. It is a very entertaining way to keep in contact with friends and family, and with this simple guide, YOURLifeChoices will show you how.

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Free Downloads and Games

Free Downloads and Games

Drew has been busy updating his list of the best free software downloads, anti-virus programs and online games sites to make your 2013 a fun, safe and free year.

They are all free!

Senior-friendly mobile phone

Senior-friendly mobile phone

The mobile phone market is saturated with choice, but it can still be difficult to find a phone that is suitable for senior Australians.

Simple and Easy