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A cruise can take you to places you never dreamt you’d visit: Antarctica, the Bahamas, or Australia’s Top End, amongst many others. Cruising is relaxing – you only need to unpack once – and yet you will visit many different destinations - the perfect senior travel experience. Welcome to the YOURLifeChoices Cruising page, where you can find the latest cruise ships, cruise destinations and cruise deals which will make you want to shout “All aboard”. Or subscribe to our enewsletter for more up-to-date senior's cruising deals. Whether you jump on a Russian ice-breaker, cruise the Rhine or take a cargo ship in Mexico, a cruise is a stress-free holiday suitable for all ages, from grandchildren to pre-retirees to seniors, there's a cruise that's right for you. And beginners can take heart—our Beginner's Guide to Cruising gives you all you need to start sailing now.

Getting used to being on board

Getting used to being on board

Max and Jenny share their first impressions of being on a cruise.

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Experience Gallipoli in 2016

Experience Gallipoli in 2016

Join a 15-day Magnificent Europe luxury river cruise and fly free* to Europe.

Read the cruise fine print

Read the cruise fine print

Jo Hall has some advice on what you should do to ensure trouble-free sailing.

The sixties hit the sea

The sixties hit the sea

What’s better than a South Pacific cruise? One that salutes the sixties of course!

Experience expedition cruising

Experience expedition cruising

If relaxing on a cruise isn’t your thing, how do you dip your toes in ...

When to cruise where?

When to cruise where?

If you are confused about when to cruise and where, Jo Hall’s quick guide will ...

Guide to booking a cruise online

Guide to booking a cruise online

Finding the right cruise at a great price online can be challenging.

14-night New Zealand Cruise overview

14-night New Zealand Cruise overview

The lucky winner, and friend, of YourLifeChoices and Royal Caribbean’s 14-night New Zealand Cruise competition ...

What to pack on an Alaskan cruise

What to pack on an Alaskan cruise

Cathy is taking an Alaskan cruise and would like to know what she should pack.

Cruising Contacts

Beginner’s guide to cruising

All aboard! There has never been a better time for cruising. If you're thinking of setting sail for the first time, Brian Johnston has some tips for a fun time at sea. Sit on the deck with the sun on your face and a glass of ...

Guiding you where to start

P&O Cruises Australia

Nearly 10,000 Australians embark on a P&O cruise each week, that’s a measure of the popularity of P&O cruises. With ships departing from Sydney, Brisbane, Fremantle, Newcastle, and Auckland at different times of the year, find out the best available prices for upcoming cruises. In late ...

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Cruise Deals

P&O celebrates two new cruises

P&O is celebrating the launch of two new cruise ships.

Jump on board!

Cruises from $91 per night

Princess Cruise Lines is offering crazy cruise deals from $91 per night, twin share.

Crazy cruise deals

$4199 cruise to Dubai and fly back

This 20-night cruise package from Sydney to Dubai is only $4199 per person, twin share.

Cruise to Dubai

Cruising Tips

Staying in touch while cruising

Jeff is keen to stay in touch with family and friends while travelling.

Travel SOS

Guide to booking a cruise online

Finding the right cruise at a great price online can be challenging.

Don’t get caught out

Cruising with grandchildren

When cruising with grandchildren, it’s important to know how to do so safely.

Tips for junior cruisers

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