Senior travellers just love a European trip. Be seduced by the romance of Paris, gorge yourself on the food of Italy or click your castanets across Spain for a truly memorable trip. YOURLifeChoices has the best deals, information and tips for the senior traveller looking to make the most of their time in Europe.

Eat your way around Barcelona

Eat your way around Barcelona

Here’s how to make the most of Barcelona, one bite at a time.

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Greece: Your travel Q&A

Greece: Your travel Q&A

How will Greece’s financial woes affect your travel plans?

Travel SOS – Europe on a budget

Travel SOS – Europe on a budget

Larry wants to do Europe on a budget but is not keen on roughing it.

Be awed by Amsterdam

Be awed by Amsterdam

There are many reasons to fall in love with Amsterdam.

The emotion of the Western Front

The emotion of the Western Front

A visit to Villers-Bretonneux on the Western Front is a moving and educational experience.


Great Irish road trips

Driving in Ireland couldn’t be easier.

Your trip, your choice

Famous folk from Northern Ireland

Check out these other famous people whose roots are in Northern Ireland.

Who's Irish?

Two days in Dublin on a budget

You can easily enjoy a couple of days in Ireland’s capital without spending too much money.

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