Should cannabis oil be legalised?

The legalisation of cannabis oil to treat certain medical conditions is back on the agenda.

Should cannabis oil be legalised?

The legalisation of cannabis oil to treat certain medical conditions is back on the agenda, with a Coalition MP taking it to federal parliament and Victoria looking to legalise its use as soon as the state election is over in November.

Queensland MP, Warren Entsch, is drafting a bill to allow for legal trials of cannabis oil legal for treating patients with cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis – all conditions which have responded well to cannabis oil treatment in other countries. He hopes the bill will receive the backing of other MPs, but his Coalition colleague, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, isn’t jumping on the bandwagon immediately. “We would need to be very careful, very assured, that we’re not going to see any more widespread use of marijuana and cannabis than there is at the present time,” the social services minister said.

Victorian Labor leader David Andrews is going one step further, by removing the legal barriers for people hoping to use cannabis oil to treat conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. If elected during the state election in November, Mr Andrews seek advice from the Victorian Law Reform Commission on the prescription, manufacture and distribution of medical cannabis for those in exceptional circumstances, but will not move to legalise cannabis for recreation purposes.

"In some cases, parents are forced to choose between breaking the law and watching their child suffer," Mr Andrews said. "Children are in pain, families are suffering, people are living in fear, and out-dated laws are getting in the way."

Do you think that any treatment for painful and debilitating diseases should be accessible? Or do you think that the risk of cannabis oil being used for recreational purposes is a real concern?


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    27th Aug 2014
    no question, it's a helpful medication so why would we disallow its use?
    27th Aug 2014
    What specialist advises it for use in these illnesses???
    27th Aug 2014
    I think if it helps cancer patients it should be legal, who cares what other stupid people use it for. beer & spirits are legal and it kills more people then any drug
    1st Sep 2014
    yes but i find a bit of brandy, helps the kill the infections that i keep getting from the pollution i suffer. SO a wee bit of brandy with lime juice and bicarb in water is great thanks very much and also saves me running to the doctors all the time lol===bottoms up:)
    27th Aug 2014
    Of course it should be legal for those who need it. There are many legal medications that are as harmful or worse than cannabis.
    27th Aug 2014
    let the people who are suffering and dying make the decision NOT POLITICIANS
    27th Aug 2014
    veritas, spot on.
    Golden Oldie
    27th Aug 2014
    It should be legalised under doctors prescription for the relevant illnesses. It is a shame that sick children should suffer when they can be helped by this drug. I had a morphine and asprin mixture in hospital when I had a tonsillectomy in the late 50's, and as a painkiller, it worked really well. I never had a "high". Certain drugs, used sensibly, can he helpfull. Overuse by idiots is what causes the problems, and that includes alcohol which is legal.
    Capn Dan
    27th Aug 2014
    The Economist: "If (Marijuana) were unknown, it's discovery would no doubt be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Scientists would praise it's potential for treating everything from pain to cancer and marvel at it's rich pharmacopoeia; many of whose chemicals mimic vital molecules in the human body."
    Capn Dan
    27th Aug 2014
    Before sitting in parliament since 1991, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews was - guess what? A Lawyer! He knows what is good for business. Check how much is wasted on police and lawyers while they make citizens both young and mature into criminals. Like prohibition in the United States, the main thing prohibition does is make money for lawyers, criminals and bent cops. So he would say that!
    AB Kenlow.
    27th Aug 2014
    Providing marijuana oil cannot be abused by the criminals in Australia I think it should be legal.
    27th Aug 2014
    oil is fairly low in buzz, doubt the criminals would want it
    Gee Whiz
    27th Aug 2014
    Google, Medicinal Cannabis oil and be surprised at the stunning success of this medication throughout the world.

    Terminally ill patients should have the god given right to try this medication if the want too. Politicians should keep their noses out of this.
    27th Aug 2014
    No, you have to run battery acid through their veins, and fry their brains with radiation first. One little girl with a brain tumour died after having the oil. The coroner found she was CANCER FREE, but her brain was fried
    27th Aug 2014
    For goodness sake Australia get your finger out & rush this legalization of cannabis through !! Also think about the benefits of growing hemp for all of it's amazing uses.
    27th Aug 2014
    So does the person who uses it will have to continue using all his life? Or the illness will go away after using it for a certain time? Would be happy to know. Thx
    27th Aug 2014
    You are thinking of drugs of addiction surely? Such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee and all the poisons we can get legally on prescription.
    27th Aug 2014
    This much maligned plant is a gift to us in so many ways. Most people don't realise that in order to become psychoactive (send you on a 'trip') the buds, leaves, oil etc need to be heated, only then will THC be released. The other, healing parts of the plant, are active without heat. This means that it is possible to ingest the healing Cannabinoids without getting 'high'. Not sure how this works with oil extraction - I guess if it is cold-pressed, it wouldn't contain THC, thus no high.

    Bring it on I say - also does wonders for cancer, auto-immune diseases and arthritis.
    27th Aug 2014
    Absolutely and add emphysema and diabetes to your list
    27th Aug 2014
    Yes it is long overdue. Of course it needs to be be legalised. It has already been decriminalised in Canberra. Marijuana has been used by man for medicinal and recreational uses for thousands of years. It was only when alcohol & many drugs were prohibited in USA in 1920s that it became illegal. So then when the bans on alcohol were abolished, Marijuana was in the basket with all the other drugs and remained illegal. We have all seen the dramatic improvements it can make to I'll children and adults, so why isn't it available as a choice from the chemist along with the other medications they dispense.
    28th Aug 2014
    Having studied the use of the oil using the information in Google, You Tube and Wikipedia there appears to be more good than harm in for medical conditions.
    I have been treated for cancer of the lung and some of the chemicals that have been pumped into my body have toxic properties if over dosing or over used. Talking to my Oncologist prior to the treatment, she indicated that many a great many of the chemicals are refined from ancient Chinese Medicines. Including grasses, bark, sap and fibre from plants. Minerals from the earth and toxins from snakes and insects are used. The main change in modern times is how they are refined and the quantity used during treatment.
    Legalising marijuana would get rid of the criminal element. Supply by prescription would also control its use.
    Let us hope that good sense prevails and not just for political advantage.
    28th Aug 2014
    Afraid I can't agree with the opinions raised here I watched my young B-I-L kill himself with this wicked smoke as my husband said he could have shot the idioot who sold it to him. His flat USED TO ABSOLUTELY STINK WHEN WE WOuLD GO TO VISIT. Personaly I disagree.
    28th Aug 2014
    It should be legalized for use in specified conditions, absolutely. But I wouldn't be holding my breath while waiting for the green light from this ultra ultra conservative government!
    28th Aug 2014
    Yes, with it modified to remove the high people can get, I can't see a problem if it helps people suffering.
    2nd Sep 2014
    But will it be properly modified so that the drug part is left in use for sick people only? And how do you stop the ilegal selling of it to others to whom it is doing nothing but damage.
    12th Oct 2018
    It should have been done already, when it has helped so many people. The treatment or chronic pain alone should be proof that it works.
    Politics should not even enter into it. It is a health issue.