How much money do you need to retire? The answer depends on one thing

Six out of 10 of us consider being able to retire comfortably a personal problem.

The ‘gap’ that is hurting too many retirements

Reliable, trusted financial advice a critical concern for older Aussies, survey finds.

How much can you confidently spend in retirement?

Challenger explains how to calculate whether your retirement savings will last the journey.

Why you should stay in your home – or hometown – in retirement

There are many good reasons for remaining in your hometown after retirement.

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age pension

Small rise in Age Pension numbers as exodus to Queensland continues

Expert says new data proves older Aussies are asset rich.

Can Centrelink check your bank records?

Jenny claims Centrelink has been checking her bank statements to cancel her DSP.

The financial dangers of going to live with your children

Marie wants to know what happens to her pension if she goes to live with her son.

Expert’s top five planning tips for positive ageing

'Planning is the secret to retaining control for as long as we live.'

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Pandemic heightens need for trusted financial advice

New asset classes such as cryptocurrency are poorly understood, says senator.

Aussie suburbs designed to make us physically and mentally ill

Expert tells how to improve health and wellbeing in Australia's booming suburbs.

Superannuation co-contributions explained

Super co-contributions help eligible people boost their retirement savings.

Why you should hold out for end of financial year bargains

Big retailers report thin earnings, triggering predictions of bumper sales.

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Could exercise boost your creativity?

Anita Pace gets her best ideas when running.

Study finds hearing loss or vision loss linked to weight gain

Men who suffer hearing loss are more likely to be obese than women.

Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Researchers are investigating how green tea could combat COVID.

Have you put your life in safe hands?

Age discrimination commissioner tells why we must have this protection mechanism in place.

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Smartphone essentials that you should never travel without

Ben runs his eye over the travel gadgets that could make your next trip much easier.

Australia’s biggest concerns over tourism’s environmental impact

Australians share their thoughts on how tourism can be made more sustainable.

Discovering the Japanese resort town of Karuizawa

The Japanese resort town where people and bears want to live happily ever after.

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