High-care cottages for seniors to stay near family

Cottages made for high-care seniors who want to be near family.

granny flat

Rising aged care costs are weighing heavily on the minds of seniors the world over who are living longer but less independently.

While mostly no longer able to rely on family to look after them, the prospect of nursing-home life looms large for an ever growing cohort of older baby boomers.

Unfortunately, the higher the level of care an elderly person requires, the more likely they are to be placed in accommodation far from their family.

In the US, one company is addressing the lack of housing alternatives for seniors who need extended care.

N2Care has designed the MEDCottage – an innovative, mobile granny flat that is essentially an automated ‘hospital room’, thanks to its high-technology features.

“Our product is designed as an affordable alternative to nursing homes,” MEDCottage’s marketing material says.

The modular ‘cottage’ is built as a temporary unit on the property of the extended family or caregiver.

When the carer is away, specialised equipment allows remote monitoring.

More than just a ‘hospital room’, the three-zoned MEDCottages are classy, with elegant architectural features and modern bathrooms, kitchens and bedroom/living room fixtures.

Some versions even come in kit form that any handyman can assemble in the backyard. And there are smaller models still – named the Living ROO and Mother Ship – for tight spaces, including within a two-car garage.

The high-care cottages can be leased as well as bought.

Would you like to see these cottages in Australia?



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    15th Sep 2017
    Yes I think they would be a great alternative to a nursing home as long as the person living there is able to receive the care they still need.
    15th Sep 2017
    15th Sep 2017
    Yes, seems sensible as long as they can get around planning and council regulations, very difficult in some states.
    15th Sep 2017
    Councils have to drop their ridiculous requirements for matching rooflines on one property when lower set housing is obviously essential for an older/less mobile person.
    15th Sep 2017
    Excellent and much better value than being ripped off in independent living or nursing homes
    15th Sep 2017
    Sounds like a great idea if councils would relax some of their strict zoning laws etc.
    15th Sep 2017
    Definitely. Nursing home will become fuller. Some of them are terrible. There would be checks and regulations.
    15th Sep 2017
    Sounds good - personally I find it hard to imagine getting frail and aged, hopefully I can stay in my home till I fall off my perch.
    16th Sep 2017
    Don't we all.