A regular pay cheque in retirement

The last thing you want to worry about in retirement is money. So it’s unfortunate that almost half of Australian pre-retirees over age 40 expect to do exactly that.1 But can you really blame them?     

Australian retirees were the hardest hit by the global financial crisis (GFC). An astonishing 41 per cent watched their retirement income shrink by half, considerably more than in the United States (16 per cent) and the UK (24 per cent).2

Market plunges like the GFC don’t happen often, but if they occur when you’re drawing down on your super, they can have a huge impact on your retirement savings.

But money concerns don’t have to be your reality in retirement. Here’s one smart way to ensure a steady income throughout the third phase of your life.

You don’t need to lose sleep over money
One solution is to generate an income to help pay your bills by investing your super into an account based pension with a protected income benefit. These products pay a regular income for either 10 or 20 years, or for the rest of your life. They provide the comfort of knowing you will receive a minimum amount of income at set times, even if the market performs poorly.

You get to choose how long the payments will last – either for the remainder of your life or a fixed number of years – making it that bit easier to sleep at night. 

The best of both worlds: allocated pensions with protected income benefit
When you choose a Protected Income benefit, you are exposed to a diversified portfolio of shares and bonds, but receive a regular income payment (10 per cent pa over 10 years, 5 per cent pa over 20 years, or 5 per cent pa over your lifetime), regardless of how investment markets perform.

Depending on what suits your needs, the regular income payments can be monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually.

If your underlying investment goes down, your payment level is maintained. If your underlying investment increases, then your minimum payment level can increase – and stay at the higher level.

They provide a lot more certainty and peace of mind than an account-based pension that does not have a protected income benefit.

How much can you expect to receive?
An account-based pension with protected income will ensure you will be paid at least:

  • 10 per cent pa every year over 10 years.
  • 5 per cent pa every year over 20 years.
  • 5 per cent pa every year for the rest of your life if you start receiving income payments after age 65. If you receive payments prior to 65 payments will be 4 per cent

The overall performance of your investment will be determined by the investment option you have chosen. The account balance will vary based on investment markets. If the investment markets increase, then each year these products lock in the same percentage of the higher account balance – effectively providing you with a higher income for the rest of your term. Of course, if the underlying investment falls, your income level does not. You will be secure in knowing your minimum income payments.

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1 Investment Trends, Retirement Income Report, November 2013, Volume 1

2 HSBC, Future of Retirement, Sept 2013

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