Webinar: Asking the hard questions about accessing home equity


Let’s face it, 2020 has been a drag.

It’s a tough one to candy coat. Bushfires razed half the country, quickly followed by the pandemic, and all the while, savings were being squeezed, income was drying up and don’t even get us started about not being able to travel.

Usually, the biggest concerns in retirement are staying healthy and money – more specifically, running out of money. This year, they’ve combined forces to create double trouble for retirees.

Well, running out of money may not be such a concern if you own your home and you’re prepared to access some of the equity you’ve built in it.

Many homes purchased for five-digit amounts 30 years ago are now worth healthy six-digit sums.

And yet some retirees with high-value homes are living in relative poverty, forced to choose between eating healthily or heating their home.

It may not be all that bad for you.

Maybe you have enough to live on, but not enough to help your kids through difficult times; or, in better times, not enough to see the world as you’d always dreamed you would when you retired.

You’ve probably worked hard all your life to own your home. You may not have had the benefit of a working lifetime of super, maybe you were forced to retire for health reasons.

There are myriad reasons you’d benefit from accessing the equity in your home – part of the third pillar of retirement income – and yet, doing so is a major barrier for many older Australians.

They’re worried that using their home equity will erode the value of their home. They’re worried about their home being sold from underneath them. They’re concerned about compound interest and how much they’ll be left with to hand on to their children.

These are all valid concerns. To dispel the myths and explain the exactly how it works, YourLifeChoices has asked finance expert Shelley Wettenhall to answer the hard questions about home equity.

Shelley has been with YourLifeChoices’ preferred partner Household Capital for two years as a retirement specialist.

She has 20 years in the financial service industry behind her, working with many of Australia’s leading fund managers, such as Perpetual, IOOF and JB Were. She has even managed her own successful grain-broking business.

Accessing your home equity is a polarising topic for older Australians. We’re hoping to bust some myths and clear up a few misunderstandings about this retirement funding strategy.

Join Shelley and YourLifeChoices publisher Leon Della Bosca on 17 November at 1pm to tackle the big questions about compound interest, erosion of home equity, growth in home equity, consumer protection and more.

We’ll explain the pros and cons of accessing home equity, how the process works, who’s eligible and who isn’t, and whether a home equity strategy will work for you.

Those who attend the webinar can ask anything they’d like to know about accessing home equity.

So, lock in Tuesday 17 November at 1pm for one hour of all you need to know about accessing your home equity