Beware vanity metrics

The digital media industry is full of statistics, big claims and never-ending metrics. But which are the ones to take notice of these days and which are just vanity metrics?

For YourLifeChoices email and engagement metrics have always been an important part of our business. This is because we listen to our users who tell us that email is a preferred content consumption channel for them, and we know that users who visit our site from emails consume a high rate of pages per session and spend more time on the site than some other channels (Source: Google Analytics July 2016). Because of this, we have actively pursued and evolved email marketing and engagement strategies for the last 10 years – and it’s paid off.

YourLifeChoices now has over 150,000 email subscribers who fit our audience profile of men and women, over 50, of medium–high income who are actively researching up-to-date, independent and essential retirement information.

This audience receives an email newsletter promoting the top daily stories, six days a week, with one of those days dedicated to travel content. The emails achieve on average a 46% open-rate; much higher than industry standard, which reflects the quality of the content within the email and the appetite of the subscribers for this content. These newsletters contain advertising opportunities in the form of leaderboards, sponsored links and native advertising, the results of which regularly exceed advertisers’ expectations.

The strategic investment in email has resulted in YourLifeChoices generating significantly more traffic from email services than our competitors, as Hitwise reports from 2016 Q2 data:

This, combined with the quality and relevance of our content for our audience has resulted in a consistently higher average weekly visit time on YourLifeChoices compared to competitors:

But why does all this matter to advertisers and agencies? As well as offering premium email advertising opportunities, YourLifeChoices’ audience engagement means that readers build up a relationship with us and our advertising partners. 77% of YourLifeChoices’ visitors are repeat visitors so they are likely to see a campaign multiple times, increasing its impact. These visitors are less likely to bounce off the site quickly as evidenced by the high weekly visit time, resulting in them consuming more content and making them more engaged with advertiser messaging. In short, an engaged audience is a valuable audience.

Advertisers have a multitude of offerings available to reach this engaged audience on YourLifeChoices. As well as the email newsletter and integrated display opportunities, YourLifeChoices’ subscriber database can also be used by advertisers to send Solus eBlasts. These emails give advertisers the space to craft their own messages and creative, and our strict business rules ensure advertisers’ messages stand out.

Email is also an important research channel for YourLifeChoices. We regularly email our subscribers with research surveys to better understand their needs and to identify trends within the market. Advertisers and agencies can make use of these survey results or run their own research projects with our members.

To find out more about the YourLifeChoices’ audience and advertising opportunities available, please feel free to download our media kit or contact us today.

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