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Australia’s digital advertising landscape is always evolving and for advertisers to attain maximum efficacy it’s becoming more important for them to think outside the traditional media box. A recent advertiser on YourLifeChoices had a very simple message to push with a call to action targeted at a specific section of the website. The advertiser took advantage of a suite of targeted display advertising options available on YourLifeChoices, including the new ‘Convert’ ad unit.

Convert is a tool that implements a pop-up panel advertisement on any page of a website. The parameters chosen for this advertisement were the least intrusive possible with the box appearing at the bottom left-hand-corner of the screen as a 680px x 85px advertisement. Convert allows up to 50 characters for the main message as well as up to 14 characters for a call to action.


An A/B test can be setup to find the most effective wording for the campaign or to run a 50/50 split of different messages.

A recent two month campaign with a travel partner, using YourLifeChoices new ad unit ‘Convert’, delivered a strong click-through rate of 0.76 per cent from 400,000 impressions.

View a full on-page example here.

With FY17 now upon us, it’s the perfect time to get to know YourLifeChoices better. YourLifeChoices is a specialist in producing engaging and targeted content for the Over 50’s market in Australia. Contact us to find out more.

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