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Reaching the mature fashionista

YourLifeChoices recently undertook a survey of its 140,000 members in partnership with fashion retailer Noni B. The survey was completed by more than 4,500 respondents, providing rich and thorough insights into the shopping habits of the 50+ Australian female.

The majority of respondents were female, and these ladies like to shop! 23% shop for new fashion at least 2 to 3 times a month and 55% at least once a month. These purchases aren’t being funded by pensions alone; 46% of respondents are working either full-time, part-time or casually, ensuring they can keep replenishing their closets on a regular basis! Budgets don’t bother these shoppers either. Only 10% give themselves an annual shopping budget, the others feel free to spend!!

25% are shopping for basics such as t-shirts, pants and denim every month, but the majority (29%) see basics as a once a quarter purchase.

Whilst they prefer to shop for fashion in store, 50% of respondents have purchased clothes online in the past, with nearly 30% having bought at least 3 items online in the last 12 months. But even if the final purchase is made in store, fashion retailers should be aware that the research starts at home; 36% of respondents research their potential purchases online before buying.

This highlights how important it is for fashion retailers to have a strong digital presence to maximise their returns from these mature fashion consumers. An easy-to-use online store is only half the story, retailers and fashion brands need to engage boomers before and during their research phase when their decisions can be influenced. An effective way to do this is to advertise with brands that boomers trust and visit on a regular basis such as YourLifeChoices. Sponsored native content including how- to articles on fashion and style also work a treat.

YourLifeChoices is the retirement expert in Australia and understand boomers’ needs and interests thanks to regular in-depth research and ongoing dialogue with their members. It offers multiple ways for brands to target and reach boomers in an environment they trust. Find out more about the deep insights we can share about reaching this unique market by contacting us at advertising@yourlifechoices.com.au.

Source: Fashion Survey, April 2016, 4,566 responses to 28 questions.

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