Trending: Top five articles February 2016

Article: Age Pension portability under threat
Why it worked: With 70% of retirees on a full or part Age Pension it is easy to see why this clicked so well.
Author: Debbie McTaggart 

Article: Seven money dos and don’ts
Why it worked: Accessible information on ways of maximising income always appeals to the hip pocket nerve.
Author: Debbie McTaggart

Article: Worst dates to fly in 2016
Why it worked: Travel is high on the agenda of most YourLifeChoices members who, as retirees, are often able to avoid inflated price periods.
Author: Amelia Theodorakis

Article: Why you should drink only water
Why it worked: Health is a high priority for our members who enjoy plain English explanations of the latest medical research.
Author: Amelia Theodorakis

Article: New sophisticated SMS banking scam
Why it worked: With older Australians a major target of scammers, they are keen to hear about new scams and ways to protect their financial affairs online.
Author: Leon Della Bosca

*Campaign Monitor March 2016


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