Age no barrier to finding love

Dating in your later years is so much better than when you were younger.

Age no barrier to finding love

Apparently it’s difficult for single, older Australians to get back into the dating game, find a partner and keep up to date with developments such as meeting people online. However, the opposite is often true: dating in your 50s, 60s and beyond is so much better than dating was when you were younger. Here's why:

1. Clicking your way to love

As with any modern technology, there are plenty of complaints to be made about online dating. But let's face it - it does make life so much easier. Not only does it take the hassle out of finding a suitable mate, it also helps you make contact in a safe and secure environment.

2. The future is wide open

When you're young, dating is always connected to plans for the future. Sooner or later, you need to ask the big questions, such as ‘where is this going?’, ‘when will we move in together?’, ‘will we get married?’ and ‘do you want kids?’ Older people have been there, done that, and just want someone with whom to enjoy life.

3. No pressure

In your teens, twenties and thirties, everyone expects you to date - and eventually to find a partner. Being single for too long is viewed with suspicion, so every date is laden with pressure. Will this finally be ‘the one’? Can you introduce this guy or girl to your parents? Or, worst of all, will you end your days alone and lonely? Those with age and experience behind them can date without feeling that the eyes of the entire world are on them.

4. Plenty of time

Remember trying to make time for dates between work, socialising and family time? Ah, the beauty of being able to dictate what you want to do and when! Being able to please yourself often means you have more time to browse online dating websites, go on coffee dates in the middle of the day, meet several potential suitors before settling on the right match… and then enjoy each other's company at leisure.

5. No fakes

Well, okay, fewer fakes. Unfortunately, age does not prevent cheats, liars and scammers from doing what they do, but there's certainly fewer of them once you get past 60. After all, older adults know who they are, appreciate their place in the world and usually don't have to impress anyone by pretending to be something they are not.

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    26th Dec 2013
    I. Agree that there is no barrier to love, I met my partner on line in 2010 nn he came over frm NZ to visit, then. Pro,ptlyv returned. T pack up n return fr good. He is now 61 n im 65. It definayely a case that is just a matter of numbers
    26th Dec 2013
    I have been on some of the dating sites for a little while now ( i'm in my 70s) and find that although there are a few for 'seniors, ' those sites cost money to communicate and the ones that dont are full of fakes.scammers etc. Living on a pension does not afford us to pay 'to meet' someone where do we go to meet seniors in a safe enviroment?
    26th Dec 2013
    I am 60 and have had no luck finding someone on line because I walk with a stick and have arthritis in my spine. It seems if you have an affliction and can't keep up with all those fit suitors you aren't even considered. I would like nothing better than to find a man who doesn't mind that I can't go for long walks but loves a stimulating conversation and a cuddle.
    26th Dec 2013
    At age 61, I have long ago stopped believing in miracles and fairy tales. Over the years, I have wasted money on on-line dating, singles dinners and parties, cruises and get-to-gethers, only to find that the majority of men my age do not want women of my age. On line profiles are full of photos of guys that were taken years ago, telling the biggest porkies. My mistake was that I was honest - BIG mistake! I've had guys reply, only to find out later that they have young kids under 10 - something they conveniently omit from their profile, and I certainly am past the stage of bringing up young kids. All they are seeking is a cheap baby sitter/nanny. Most men my age only either want trophies or breeders, and I am neither. Most men this age are either looking for a house keeper, or someone they can control. I've had one guy I met for coffee once, end up telling me he was madly in love with me and wanted to move in with me (note - not move in with him). Another guy stalked me after I wouldn't agree to a 2nd date. One guy told me I wasn't skinny enough. I've had guys veto the item I ordered on the menu, won't pay half the bill because I had a more expensive meal than them, and one guy wanted ME to reimburse the cost of the phone calls he had made to me. I see my friends in the most miserable of relationships, but they stay because they don't want to be lonely. Hell - I'd rather be lonely than miserable. One girlfriend cannot even ring me unless she asks her partner, and he controls everything in her life, even down to the mileage she drives. I'm far happier staying on my own, doing what I want, when I want. I've had guys actively pursue me, but I simply ask myself one question - 'if they are SO good, why hasn't someone snapped them up before hand?' Why - because they are still waiting for Miss World to fall at their feet, and say 'here I am'. My life is richer, more fulfilling and happier off the dating scene, and I have more women feel envious of my situation, than me feeling envious about theirs.
    12th Feb 2014
    Good morning am new here please i would for Aurora60 to contact me because i was touch after reading her post... please contact me young25175 at . i still believe in love no matter d negative part it has shown me... all i know is when you form your through love the old rough days are gone. Mr. Young

    19th Jun 2014
    Yes I Agree that there is no barrier to love, Age is not a matter for enjoying life, If you’re senior single/ divorced/baby boomer- are you looking for new relationship, then visit this site. :)-- --(: 100% help you to meet senior singles. Try it Free Community, Signup today.
    4th Mar 2019
    A word of warning. Have nothing to do with shown as a link at the end of this article. They are nothing but rip-off merchants. Have a read of the reviews for this site before you act.

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