Hitch a ride on the gravy train and keep your pension

Hitch a ride to work on the gravy train and keep your full Age Pension.

Hitch a ride on the gravy train and keep your pension

Remaining in or re-entering the job scene after you qualify for the Age Pension has its perks.

You won’t be penalised if you keep your income below the cap and it could help you save faster for that thing your heart desires.

The Work Bonus allows pensioners to earn $250 a fortnight tax-free – that is, the first $250 will not count under the income test for the Age Pension.

On top of this, senior singles can earn a further $164 a fortnight and continue to receive the full Age Pension. And a combined income of $292 a fortnight – in addition to the Work Bonus figure – will not affect a couple’s government payment.

The Federal Government offers financial incentives to encourage employers to keep retirement-age workers on the payroll. For more information about potential openings, call the Department of Employment’s Job Seeker Hotline on 13 62 68.

Many part-time and casual jobs that suit older workers, such as telesales and typing services, can be performed in your own home if you have a phone and a computer.

If you enjoy getting out of the home and have energy to spare, employers are always looking for school crossing supervisors, mature nannies and experienced gardeners or lawn mowers.

Then there are the opportunities opening up with the advent of services that bypass traditional ways of doing business.

These include drivers for ride-sharing companies Uber and SheBah, delivery of take-away food and other products for platforms such as Deliveroo, Menulog and GoFetch.

Want to stay put but enjoy meeting holidaying strangers? Then a room-letting service, such as Stayz and Airbnb, will help you find someone willing to pay you for allowing them to spend a night or 10 in your home.

If retail therapy or having your say are more your style, there are ways to do both and get paid for it.

Many large retailers have mystery shopping schemes that hire people to ‘road test’ the experience of spending in their outlets. A current one is being run by grocer Aldi, in which ‘shoppers’ are given a voucher for $200 and asked to spend it on whatever they like. Afterwards, they just have to tell the grocer what they thought of the shopping trip and they also get to keep what they bought.

Another fast and easy way to earn a quid is to complete surveys. Make sure the company conducting the survey is legitimate before you commit to it and be careful not to part with money or confidential personal details before enlisting.

In fact, the same goes for any casual job you apply to do. Beware you are not selling your soul for a bit of spare change and do your due diligence into the reputation of the employer.

And finally, if you want to keep all your Age Pension entitlements, ensure your new earnings are not above the caps set by the Department of Human Services.



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    29th Sep 2017
    You are allowed six consecutive fortnights where your reportable income results in a nil pension before they cut your pension off. After 5 fortnights if you cease work you go back on the full pension irrespective of how much you earned in the last 10 weeks. Could be $100,000. Does not matter.
    29th Sep 2017
    Don't think they would let you get away with that if you declare it.
    29th Sep 2017
    Its a hard road to get casual work after 65.
    Firstly our workforce is not geared for wages less than one full day, the unions are frightened to free that up.
    There is competition from highly active uni students and school leavers trying to get work experience.
    Many advertisements for casual work are simply try-outs, to get a good worker for a more permanent job.
    Outside of the large cities, employers are trying to get jobs for a friend's son or daughter and the oldies are expected to move over, because they've had their turn at life.
    Jobs where a person uses their own vehicle, have earn enough money to replace the vehicle when it gets to high maintenance costs, or its just wearing down a limited resource, that may need to last 20 years.
    Survey work pays very little and a mystery shopper job is a bit of an overkill on goods, for a live alone person.
    I have a relative who is having some success with an age care job, although he has been a technician all his life. I have had no success at all, because I now have illnesses that limit my availability to half days.I have had a uni degree since my mid thirties.
    29th Sep 2017
    Yes I am very lucky at age 67 to be getting very good paying causal work which I declare online every fortnight. When the casual work finishes I go back on full pension because I am unemployed and of pension age.
    29th Sep 2017
    Airbnb won't work, nor will any self-employment type work.

    Condition of the Work Bonus is that you must work for someone else and be paid wages. Cynical me thinks that is so that they can cross-match with ATO.

    This has been discussed many times on this site.
    29th Sep 2017
    Gravy train .......no.
    30th Sep 2017
    Spot on Charlie...and the uni degrees are good memories - almost a hindrance if trying to pick up any casual work of the sort listed....

    Gravy train - huh!
    30th Sep 2017
    I live in hope that one of these days, someone will actually post something really useful - not stuff that skirts around the edges and doesn't really help anyone at all....pity anyone who does try to live off income from surveys or even use it to supplement a pension.....

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