Age Pension payments overseas

At 71, YOURLIfeChoices member Barry is looking to spend more time overseas and is keen to find out if he will still receive his part Age Pension?

Q. Barry
I am 71 and was born in Australia. I retired in 2007 having worked for an employer for 33 years and was self-employed for eight years. Assets—wise I am eligible for a partial Age Pension. Can I receive the Age Pension while living most of the time overseas?

A.  An Age Pension can be paid if you reside outside Australia, however, your rate of payment may change after 26 weeks.
Find out more about the Age Pension payable overseas by visiting

As long as you remain eligible for your payment, you will be paid the basic level of Pension Supplement. Find out more about the Pension Supplement payable overseas by visiting  

Also, you need to be resident in Australia to qualify for the Clean Energy Payment which is due to commence March 2013.

Before you make any moves overseas, you should contact Centrelink on 13 2300 to speak to a Financial Information Services officer.

Written by Debbie McTaggart