Can I claim an Age Pension?

Florence wants to know if she can claim an Age Pension from overseas.

Can I claim an Age Pension?

Florence has lived outside of Australia for many years, but having worked here when she was younger, wants to know whether she can claim an Age Pension.

Q. Florence

I am an Australian who has lived outside the country for many years. I worked in Australia from age 14 to 24 years and I want to know the easiest way for me to receive an Age Pension. I have a copy of my birth certificate.

A.To be able to claim an Australian Age Pension, you must be resident in the country. If you were to return to Australia to claim an Age Pension, you would need to reside here for two years before returning to where you now live. The work life residency rule would also be applied to your pension. 

To find out more about how this will affect your pension payments, you can read our article 'Changes to pensions overseas'.

The only exception to this would be if you now reside in a country with an international social security agreement with Australia. You can view details of such countries by reading 'International social security agreements'.


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    23rd Nov 2015
    How many years has she not resided in Australia ? she only worked here for 10years and paid taxes, has she worked where she now lives and if so for how long ? by her request it sounds like where ever she lives they don't pay a pension or enough, maybe she should have thought about that before she left the LUCKY COUNTRY
    23rd Nov 2015
    I agree with whoever said it saounds now like rorting. I do not understand why people living and possibly working overseas are entitled to a penison from Australia and a very very lot of them receive a pension in the country they moved to or from as well. If the govt wants to save money, start with oversea pensions and disability payments. While not everyone abuses the system I know people on disabilty pensions who are getting a pension and working. Honest People are waiting to get an aged pension, the govt keeps putting the age up to receive a pension all the while supporting abuse in the system, meaning legitiment people wanting and sometimes in need of the pension cannot get it. It all sucks.

    23rd Nov 2015
    Get on a small boat, land and be caught by Border Protection and claim that you are escaping oppression, tyranny, and inhumanity and you will receive FAR MORE in financial help, freebies, handouts, vouchers, assistance, advice, help, interest-free loans, cheap/free housing, etc, etc, etc than anyone on an Australian Age Pension - AND you STILL get to keep the shonky pension you get from the country you probably regret going to in the first place!
    23rd Nov 2015
    Don't forget the Mobile phones so they can call the relly's and tell them how good they get it and so easy too, free roof over their heads food in their stomachs, medical all free.
    23rd Nov 2015
    Methinks that this is not the real McCoy Debbie. Sounds like fiction. If it were not it would be the hide of somebody turning up to suck on the pension when they have lived abroad for most of their adult life.
    2nd Dec 2016
    I have not been able to find work in Australia for the past few years (44 applications in the last 3 months - 3 short lists, no job) now despite extensive experienced in health and education, a masters degree and numerous other qualifications. I only have about 100K in super following two messy divorces and no more houses to give away - I live with my ageing Mum (my only residence in Australia) when I return each year to stay with her and other accommodating relatives . However, even an old fart like me, 63 years, can get work in Asia during the school terms sufficient to live decently and save a little. I have more than 44 years of working life in Australia since my birth in 1953. My question is:
    If I return to Australia to claim an aged pension at 65.5 years old, must I remain in Australia for two years before I can leave again to live a decent life in Asia or must I remain here for those two years in relative poverty cadging off rellies? With the rent I pay here when I am in Australia while unemployed, food, medical insurance, petrol, registration and the rest, I have nothing left and must use some of my transition to retirement super money which has dwindled of late due to market fluctuations and fees and charges. I have always been a resident in Australia despite working overseas and have paid the tax on the money earned overseas too, so does the two year rule apply to me?
    9th Jan 2017
    I lived in the UK from 1954 to 1988 and worked fulltime from 1973. I then migrated to Australia in 1988 and have since worked fulltime and paid full tax here, never drawing a centre of Social Security in either country.
    I anticipated getting a State Pension from the UK from my NI contributions to 1988, albeit being frozen at the rate I left the UK, but now am being told it is unlikely I will get one. Is this true?

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