Can we get DSP outside Australia?

Joan wants to know what payments she will receive if she moves to the UK.

Can we get DSP outside Australia?

Joan and her husband are considering moving back to the UK after residing 28 years in Australia and are keen to know what payments they can hope to receive.

Q. Joan

My husband and I have lived in Australia for 28-plus years and we have both been on a Disability Support Pension (DSP) for a number of years. We are Australian citizens with dual nationality from the UK.

What would be the process if we relocated back to our to the UK? Would we be eligible to receive benefits on our arrival? 

My husband is 63 and I've just recently turned 60.

A. As a general rule, your DSP will cease after being outside of Australia for 28 days.

You can be paid your DSP indefinitely if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • are terminally ill
  • left Australia prior to 1 July 2004, and at the time of leaving you were told that you could be paid indefinitely, and you have not returned to Australia to live since that time, or
  • have been assessed in Australia prior to the departure as having a permanent, severe impairment and no future work capacity. Assessment involves a review of your DSP qualification and a Job Capacity Assessment.

It is also worth noting that when you reach eligibility age, you will not be able to claim an Australian Age Pension from the UK. You would need to return to Australia and live here for a period of two years after your Age Pension is granted.

In regards to whether or not you will be able to claim UK benefits as soon as you arrive in the country, I’m afraid this is out of our area of expertise. However, you may find this factsheet from Age UK useful.


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    17th Aug 2015
    Depending on the number of years you worked in the UK will depend how much UK pension you will get at retirement age, at whatever age you qualify at, As the advice says you would have to come back to Australia and claim your pension and then stay for 2 years before being able to leave and take your Australian pension with you, this will also be calculated on a minimum number of years you have lived in Australia, 25 years I Think, don't hold me to it.
    17th Aug 2015
    It has changed to 35 years to receive the "full" pension, below which the pension is paid on a pro-rata basis.

    17th Aug 2015
    Better stay here and relocate after aged pension.
    17th Aug 2015
    Thank you very much indeed for all your advice we really appreciate it, seems it would be best to stay in Australia, grass is not always greener on the other side.
    17th Aug 2015
    Another thing to consider, should you defer your move 'till after you start receiving the Aged pension. Under the current Government rules if you leave Australia permanently or for more than one year, then the family home will be considered as an asset by Centrelink.
    12th May 2017
    But what if i didn't own a home Niemakawa?
    and if i left australia for 6mths,as i'm finding it really difficult to find anything decent to rent here!
    Decision decisions

    17th Aug 2015
    Comment removed due to multiple reports
    17th Aug 2015
    You forget that most would have paid taxes and made other worthwhile contributions to Australia. Anyway Centrelink reduces the pension where a recipient of any benefit is receiving a pension from another Country. So unlike many fully "fledged" Australian citizens, they are not double dipping so to speak.
    17th Aug 2015
    Given that the English were the founders of this Nation, you should be targeting other Nationalities, especially recent newcomers, who do nothing but take take take and give absolutely nothing in return. These people will never ever pledge allegiance to Australia.
    17th Aug 2015
    Again the racist bigoted views are allowed to be aired on this forum, this poster should be banned for the offensive unwarranted rantings that have been written, yes I am another Pom I came to Australia in the 60's, the first official paperwork I was given on arrival was my registration papers for national service which I happily accepted, didn't need to get naturalised in those days to serve unlike every other migrant, but the so called whinging poms were happy to be given the opportunity to serve their new country. For the record any Australian who has worked in the UK are entitled to claim the UK pension when they return depending on the amount of years they worked in the UK the rate is worked out at 1/30th of the UK pension for each year worked up to 30 years for the full pension. May you ever remain tactless you goose.
    18th Aug 2015
    I have reported this post as abusive and offensive. Whoever called themselves tactful needs to remove themselves and their bigoted views from this otherwise informative site.
    18th Aug 2015
    I don't find the comments by tactful offensive or abusive, he/she is just misinformed.
    17th Aug 2015
    To enquire about your eligibility for a UK pension, contact the (UK) International Pensions Centre. +44(0)1912187777. Have your NHI number handy.
    18th Aug 2015
    Dim, do you see the "Report" just under the person's name? If you click on that you can report them to the site administrator and request a post be taken down. I really don't think the administrator has the time to check every post or reply every five minutes so we need to let them know!
    18th Aug 2015
    Yes I know we can report these morons, but I sometimes think we should allow their rantings as proof that real bigotry is alive and well, fortunately these people are in the minority, but I guess we have allow these sad people some sort of outlet.
    18th Aug 2015
    I do believe,whether we agree or not, that people should be allowed their view. I found the comment below more offensive.
    18th Aug 2015
    I have had to respond to some of the comments on this page regardging my enquiry and I must add it is only an enquiry. My husband and I both have worked very hard since our arrival in Australia and paid our taxes, we didn't get anything handed to us on a plate we did it tough let me tell you, unfortunately as sometimes happens as we get older illness hits some of us. We have 4 married children who work damn hard, we instilled in them the same ethics as we had been brought up with. I am proud to say have all done very well for themselves without any assistance from anyone. Our grandchildren some of whom have now left school and are studying at Uni work part time to help with expenses. We are no way whinging poms, are very grateful for what Australia has given us, through good times and bad. The reason we were consdiering moving back has nothing to do with our life here in Australia. It was for pesonal reasons. Some of the comments on this page of which I thought was a lovely community type of atmosphere where people help each other with information and ideas has turned out to be a total disappointment to me, to the point it has upset me very, very much. I will no longer ask for any help or advice from Your Life Choices. I really don't think it fair for some people to judge us without knowing all the facts. To the people who have given helpful advice and comments thank you very much it is really appreciated. Its nice to know all Australians are not the same.
    Chrissy L
    18th Aug 2015
    Unfortunately "Tactful" I don't think! Some of us still have aged, incapacitated parents in the UK, who need help and company and also family that look after them need a break too. I bet you are President of the "Flat Earth Society" too.
    Not Senile Yet!
    21st Aug 2015
    How does one recognise the bigoted and bad attitudes of some people?
    Simple...just sit back and listen/read what they say......inside two or three sentences they will tell you outright and sometimes they do not even realise that they are being offensive at all!!
    But remember one key ingredient .......whilst you may not want to be around them or want them as friends.....they make the good person with well rounded thoughts/ideals stand out in the crowd!
    It begs to ask the question.....if one has worked for 40 to 45 years and paid all his/her taxes.....what gives the Government the right to tell them they cannot leave Australia without loosing their Pension.
    Perhaps this blind Rule needs looking at......some may have family overseas that need them or able to look after sons & Daughters.....why should they be penalised?????
    Is this what they call being Family Orientated????
    Perhaps each case should be evaluated on it's merits/circumstances??
    I know of others who cannot afford a holiday overseas on a disability Pension.....who have Sons/Daughters/Family who can provide Free accommodation for beyond the 6 week time limit.....Surely that is okay as long as they have every intention of returning???
    This Government needs to move into the year 2015 where Families can be spread far & wide!!!

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