New Zealand pension claims

How will the increased working-life residency requirement affect those from New Zealand?

New Zealand pension claims

Cynthia would like clarification on how the increased working-life residency requirement for the Age Pension will affect those from New Zealand.

Q. Cynthia
I have a query about something that is not clearly explained anywhere. I have read that the 10 year residency rules to get a pension, can include time spent in New Zealand, but the following situation is not spelt out very well. The new rule for getting a full pension overseas says 35 years of Australian working-life residence. Does this include years spent working in New Zealand? If it doesn't, then there will be a lot of Aussies, who have lived and worked in NZ, and cannot now get to the 35 years before they retire. Do you know what the result of this change will be?

A. Firstly, the rule regarding receiving an Age Pension overseas isn’t new, it has merely been amended. From 1 July 2014, any new claims for pension payments overseas will be subject to a 35-year working-life residency requirement, rather than the previous 25 years.

As is the case with most pension eligibility requirements, time spent living and working in a country which has an international social security agreement with Australia is counted. As New Zealand currently has such an agreement, anyone who has lived and worked there will have those years included in any claim for an Australian Age Pension.

For a full list of countries with which Australia has international social security agreements, click here.


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    17th Nov 2014
    The 10 year requirement to get the Aussie Pension can include years spent resident in New Zealand, but only up to the age of 65. Time spent there after that age does not count. I only discovered this when I applied for the Aussie Age Pension. believing I had completed the ten years, but was knocked back until I completed the ten years here.
    17th Nov 2014
    Paint Yourself Luminous Green ! And tell them to give You the Pension or You will call in the Invasion Fleet waiting in Orbit !!
    17th Nov 2014
    What do You eat now Mike ? Grass ? Tell them Your an Asylum Seeker !!
    17th Nov 2014
    Very nearly right about the grass, but that's another story. I'm the wrong colour unfortunately!
    17th Nov 2014
    I do so get a giggle out of your sense of humour Particolor !
    I love it, and I get such a buzz when those that take you seriously get offended! HA!HA! Dotty
    17th Nov 2014
    I was gunna tell Mike it doesn't matter what flavour You are now that's Artificial Discrimination !!..
    Not Senile Yet!
    19th Nov 2014
    The reason for the time in residency is have to have paid a reasonable amount of Tax to claim a pension......and rightfully so!!!!!
    After retirement (65) tax contribution is negligible or minimum.
    Working and paying tax is what entitles you to a Pension!
    But look out......the Major Parties are now working towards not providing a Pension at all in the will just have to die if you have no self funded super.
    19th Nov 2014
    Look on the Bright Side You might get New Start till Your 70 ??
    29th Nov 2014
    Yes but you are required to separately apply for a New Zealand Pension, which center-link subtract dollar for dollar from your Australian Pension, at their considered exchange rate.And in the unlikely event that you have enough to pay tax the New Zealand content is fully taxable. Plus, I'm not certain, but I think it is also treated as income.
    4th Feb 2016
    Can someone please clarify the 2 year residency requirement. Does that mean if I come back to Australia and deem myself a resident for tax purposes I have to stay in the country and not leave it for 2 years (prior to claiming any pension).
    That's rather mean if it the case when your young grandchildren are living in another country!

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