18th Oct 2011
Overseas pensions
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YOURLifeChoices subscriber Ronnie is based in the US and would like to know more about claiming an Australian Age Pension from across the pond and not being liable for tax.

Q. Ronnie
I'm looking for information on Australian pensions being paid while living in America, in particular about not having to pay taxes. Can you help me please?

A. You should start by reading Centrelink's fact sheet on the Social Security Agreement between the US and Australia, which should answer most of your questions. Centrelink also has an international number which you can call from the US and a customer service advisor will be able to give you any further information you need.

In regards to tax liability on pensions paid overseas, the Australian Tax Office has information for Seniors and Retirees.

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    26th Mar 2012
    we retired to bali this year, and next year my husband will be eligible to get the pension,,is there any problem getting the pension even though we live outside of Australia..
    19th May 2012
    I emigrated to Australia from England in 1964 with my family, all whom are now deceased. I would like to return to UK and have a UK passport as well as being an Australian citizen. Would I receive the Australian pension when I got to retirement age? Thankyou.
    7th Jan 2013
    i intend to move to the Philippines when i retire and understand i can still get full single pension as i have resided and worked in Australia all my life. Will i have to come back to Australia once a year and if so how long. My only assets are my super which will be close to $100,000.00. Being born in 1949 i qualify for pension upon turning 65
    21st Jan 2013
    does anyone know or must i go through centrelink to find out
    16th May 2014
    Hi, I worked in Ireland for 2 1/2 years and then went to Englend and worked there for 2years and left england in January 1971 and came to Australia where I now live (perth), I am on the pension now but I don't know if I am also entitled to an Irish pension and I dought very much I would be entitled to an english pension.

    Mary Schomaker

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