Disability Support Pension

Are you eligible for the Disability Support Pension? Is it better to choose the Disability Support Pension or the Age Pension, if you have the choice? Find the answers to these questions and more in the articles below.

You will also find information on disability services, Centrelink updates, and how the disability pension affects your finances, both before and after you retire.

You can find out more about the Disability Support Pension by viewing our articles below.

PM named respondent in case for discrimination of older people

'NDIS designed to discriminate against older Australians,' says complainant.

Are legally blind pensioners entitled to more money?

Rob is legally blind and wants to know how this will affect his entitlements.

How to claim your Age Pension support payment

If you are not across the coronavirus support package, here's what you need to know.

Centrelink Q&A: How do the volunteer requirements work?

Jane wants to know if volunteering can help her meet her Newstart obligations.

How will injury compensation payments affect the pension?

Jack has had a worker's compensation claim approved and wants to know how it will affect his

When do you need to inform Centrelink about travel plans?

Clayton receives the DSP and wants to know the rules around overseas travel.

Insurance scheme is letting me down, say Gai

Are people like Gai falling through the cracks?

How can mum provide for daughter from aged care?

Rod Cunich explains how Roger can help his aunt best provide for her daughter.

$4.8b drop in disability pension budget forecast

Government forecasts $4.8b drop in budget over next 10 years.

Payments under Age Pension age

Carol would like to know of any payments available to her from Centrelink.

Age Pension or DSP – which is better?

Joe is unsure whether he would be better off remaining on the DSP.

Tax returns: what happens if you fall behind?

Falling behind on your tax returns can be stressful, but there is help available.

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