Payments under Age Pension age

Carol is struggling to continue with work but as she is not yet of Age Pension age, she would like to know of any payments available to her from Centrelink.

Q. Carol

I am 61 and wondering if there is any payment for which I may qualify before I reach the age for an Age Pension?

I currently do part time and casual work, but have some significant health issues that are making it difficult to continue.

Can you advise please?

A. As you are under Age Pension age, the payment that is probably most appropriate for you to claim would be Newstart Allowance. This is paid fortnightly and is subject to the income and asset test, and you will be required to meet Mutual Obligation Requirements. For Australians aged over 55, this is 30 hours of paid work per fortnight, which can include approved voluntary work.

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If your health issues are stopping you from working, you can apply for a Disability Support Pension. This is also subject to the income and asset test. And to be assessed as eligible for this payment, you will need to undergo a Job Capacity Assessment and then a Disability Medical Assessment with a government-contracted doctor.

You can find out more about the Disability Support Pension and the medical parameters under which it is awarded at