Disability Support Pension

Are you eligible for the Disability Support Pension? Is it better to choose the Disability Support Pension or the Age Pension, if you have the choice? Find the answers to these questions and more in the articles below.

You will also find information on disability services, Centrelink updates, and how the disability pension affects your finances, both before and after you retire.

You can find out more about the Disability Support Pension by viewing our articles below.

How does an inheritance affect the Disability Support Pension?

The rules and what you need to know if you have been left a bequest.

Are legally blind pensioners entitled to more money?

Rob is legally blind and wants to know how this will affect his entitlements.

Researchers call for urgent pension review

Disability advocates and researchers are calling for urgent reforms to the Disability Support Pension.

Older Aussies receiving welfare more likely to have poor health

People receiving welfare are more likely to have multiple health conditions.

Possible DSP changes

Sue has heard that there may be changes to the hours which one can work while claiming the Disability

Concession card comparison

What are the different concessions available to holders of a PCC or a CSHC?

Planned DSP increases

Lorna would like to know if those on the Disability Support Pension will also see a rise in

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Get a brand new computer from just $15 per week and you'll own it after just one year. It's quick,

Accessibility for seniors

Learning to cope with a disability is challenging at the best of times but in today's world, there

The Carbon Tax: What’s in it for carers and people with disability

Receive assistance in two ways

Gifting and Disability Support Pension

While a gift of money may seem like blessing, you should take into consideration how it will

Disability Services Links

Disability Services Links

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