26th Feb 2013
Can our son pay our rent?
Can our son pay our rent?

Maria is considering moving to Queensland, to be nearer to her son and would like to know if it will affect her Age Pension if he pays her rent.

Q. Maria
Our son has asked us to move to Queensland to be nearer to him and his family so they can care for us as we get older. He has suggested moving up there on a trial basis and he will pay our rent. Do we have to advise Centrelink of this and will it affect our Age Pension?

A. Provided by the Department of Human Services
Whatever else happens, you should always advise Centrelink of a change of address. Without knowing the exact details of your case, it is impossible to say whether your Age Pension would be affected by the proposed arrangements with your son.

Things to consider are whether you would be selling or renting out your existing home during your absence, whether you pay rent in your current home, how long you would be away, what your income and assets are and of course, the exact nature of the arrangements with your son.  

Many gifts to pensioners from family members are not counted as income, but Centrelink would need more details to be sure. You should arrange to discuss your circumstances with a Centrelink Financial Information Services Officer on 13 2300.


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