Age Pension: is board and lodging assessed as income?

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Seth has found the cost of looking after his children while they study is too much to manage on an Age Pension, so will charging them board and lodging affect his payment?

Q. Seth

I have three adult children who live at home while they attend university. When I was working they lived free but now that I’m retired, I have to reconsider this arrangement and I’m thinking of asking them to contribute towards their living expenses.

Will this be deemed as income by Centrelink and affect my Age Pension payment?

A. In general, Centrelink does not consider board and lodging from immediate family members as income, therefore, you should be able to receive contributions from your children towards their living expenses without your Age Pension being affected.

It may be worthwhile keeping a record of outgoings, as well as the contributions you receive from each child. That way, if Centrelink asks you to prove you’re not making extra income from your children’s board and lodging, it’s easy enough to prove.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    Seth,congratulations on having three children going to University. However, once you went on to the pension your children should have suggested and insisted on paying you Room & Board. charity begins at home. And why in heaven’s name would you even consider telling Centerlink if you’re children were paying you board. I’m not a scamer in any way but the way the government is treating pensioners these days you tell them the bare essentials. Wake up. Cheers Jacka.

  2. 0

    Another example of how thousands of senior Australians are living in fear of “Big Brother Centrelink” poking its nose into family arrangements, to ensure that the poor pensioner is not getting 20 cents more than they should. Meanwhile our leaders are wasting money as if it is being dug from the ground. And some arrogant politicians believe that we have given them a mandate to spend money on themselves renting homes from spouses, helicopter trips etc etc
    Let’s have a total senior income review NOW.

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    Full board and lodging, accommodation and meals in addition to breakfast. The proportion of the amount you receive that they assess as income is 20%. You have to keep all outgoing expense receipts and a record of everything. Australians should be demanding this for politicians’ work related expenses.The more taxes a Government receives the less it gives.

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    Tell them nothing.goverment havnt got the time to be worrying about pensioners they are too busy catering for Moslems and their children that’s why there is no money for gov or pensions a disgracefull way to run a country.pollies should be ashamed

    • 0

      Why the comment about catering for Moslems?
      Back in the days when the boat people were arriving from Vietnam similar statements were being made about how they were being paid by the government and getting free cars etc. All of totally untrue just stirred about by the same people who are now stirring up about Moslems.
      The Government are too bust catering for their political donors, eg banks etc.

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      What a ridiculous statement about Muslims. All the refugees & immigrants are treated exactly like Aussies. If you see them being given furniture & clothes these come from their own ethnic group. Their own country men rally round them & help them out. Unlike the Aussies !

      The Muslims who were kept in Australia eceived a bill for the time they had been fed in detention. I met them in the course of my work & saw the bills myself being deducted from their wages.Some who came out of detention with $20,000 they had to pay back the Gov.

      Some who were release on temporary Visas also were not allowed to work & found it very frustrating to have to rely on Unemployement benefits when all they wanted to do was support their families.

      Why do you say these untrue things ?

    • 0

      It’s the Hairies of the world who crawled from under their rock to cast their misinformed and bigoted vote for Hanson in the recent election. Apparently he/she’s not worried about the thousands of Australians who fraudulently receive Centrelink benefits and the 100,000 or so illegal aliens (i.e. overseas backpackers whose travel visas have expired) in Australia at any given time.

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    What is a Moslem??? Is it anything like a Muslim. Please explain. Cheers Jacka.

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    Cannot believe that todays kids expect teir parents to support them through Uni & dont offer to pay a cent. So selfish. I paid board as soon as I got a job, even as an apprentice.

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    Seth, have a look at what highly paid politicians pay for a subsidised meal at Canberra Catering Cafeteria AND what accommodation allowance they receive when they are away from ONE of their houses which they are not renting. Doing this little exercise may help putting you on track with our “equitable standards of living”.

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    So the Muslims are to blame for insufficient money for pensioners. Well I have heard it all now. That must be one out of the Trump Book of Excuses. Bigotry is alive and thriving in Australia.

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    Sounds like Life Choices is turning into a mob of Muslim lovers, I didn’t realise so many people like what they do to little girls.

  10. 0

    All of the pedophiles I have read about were Christian. This is not about loving or hating anyone. Its about saying truthful things instead of repeating One Nation nonsense. It used to be the Italians then it was the Vietnamese and now it is the Muslims. Bigotry blinds people. At the football yesterday the kids in front of me playing at half time were muslims with their birka wearing mothers as coaches. Not a bomb was detonated, not a child was mistreated and not a pension was stolen, but a lot of fun was had.

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      Yes Masonite, that is because we are in Australia, not a Middle Eastern country. Wait till they take over Aust like they are doing in England, then it will be different. The writing is on the wall.

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      “All of the pedophiles I have read about were Christian.”
      That is a classic bigotry statement .

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      Frank,Masonite’s statement is an unsubstantiated opinion and your statement is inaccurate so you’ve neutralised each other fortunately.

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