Is Newstart classed as income?

Alexandra’s husband has submitted a claim for the Age Pension and she would like to know if her subsequent claim for the Newstart Allowance will affect his eligibility.

Q. Alexandra

I am 60 years of age and retiring from work for health reasons. My husband is 69 and we have applied for the Age Pension for him – I am not eligible until I turn 65 and 6 months. If I apply for the Newstart Allowance, will it affect my husband’s Age Pension? We don’t have many assets.  

A. Your claim for the Newstart Allowance will not affect your husband’s Age Pension claim as the Newstart Allowance is not classed as income. However, if you have already submitted your husband’s claim for the Age Pension, your income from employment will be assessed and, therefore, if you are planning on stopping work, you should advise Centrelink as soon as possible.

To be eligible for the Newstart Allowance, you will need to meet the activity test requirements, which usually involve looking for, or retraining for work. As you are over 55, the requirements may be more flexible.

To find our more about eligibility and applying, visit the Department of Human Services

Written by Debbie McTaggart