The Australian Government provides an Age Pension as a safety net for eligible citizens who cannot fully fund their own retirement through retirement savings. Managed by and paid for via Services Australia, or Centrelink as its more commonly known, there is strict eligibility criteria, which includes residency period, age qualification and an assessment of income and assets. Due to this criteria, not every Australian will be eligible for an Age Pension.

How to handle a robo-debt

Centrelink general manager Hank Jogen explains what to do if you get a debt notice.

Pension assets test ‘too stringent’

Australia's retirement system rises through global rankings, but flaws in the system have been

Government move to strip pensions

‘To cut people off completely just doesn't pass the pub test for fairness,' says advocate.

Older Aussies to keep doing it tough

Minister for unemployment opposes ‘near-universal' calls to raise paltry Newstart payments.

Retirement review compromised?

Review to assess how the retirement income system will perform as the population ages.

Is Centrelink improving?

YourLifeChoices research shows that people are generally happier with their Centrelink interactions.

Pension boost unlikely to help many

Freedom of Information documents reveal the change to deeming rates is insignificant.

Over-65s robo-debt’s next target?

‘Estimated savings over the forward estimates cannot be achieved without undertaking sensitive cohort

Age Pension boost on the way

Pensioners will have two reasons to smile in September with the scheduled increase to the pension

Over-65s slip through the cracks

Over-65s are caught between a transition to a new retirement system, a changing labour market and

Loans scheme has ‘problems’

Housing expert Mark Skelsey explains the pitfalls of the Pension Loans Scheme.

Senate to debate Newstart bump

The Age Pension base rate looks good next to Newstart rates.

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