Can my wife get a pension?

Neil’s wife is of Age Pension age but his income is ad hoc, so will she qualify for a pension?

Can my wife get a pension?

Neil’s wife is of Age Pension age but as his income is not consistent, he is unsure if this will affect her claim for the Age Pension.

Q. Neil

Currently I work as a subcontractor in transport, which at the moment is very unstable; some weeks are two to three days, others are nil. My wife has not been in the work force since 2008 and will be 66 on her next birthday. We would like to know if she is entitled to any pension or benefits.


Whether or not your wife is entitled to an Age Pension will depend on the level of income and assets which you jointly have. Your income and assets will be assessed separately and she will receive the lower rate of the two calculations. Income is assessed on a fortnightly basis.  You may find that if your wife is entitled to an Age Pension, it is most likely to be a part Age Pension. If this is the case, the amount she receives will change each fortnight, as you report the income which you have received in the associated reporting period.

You can view the current assets and income limits at the links below, but you may find it more beneficial to make an appointment to speak with a Centrelink Financial Information Services officer. You can do this by calling 13 23 00.

Asset test tables

Income test tables 

If she does not qualify for a pension, but you have a combined annual adjusted taxable income below $82,400, then she may qualify for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, which will entitle her to certain concessions. You can find out more at


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    4th Nov 2014
    I cant believe anyone could survive under $82,400 ..For goodness sake at least give Her a Seniors Health Card !!..What is this country coming too ??
    4th Nov 2014
    Totally agree partcolor, same old scenario, do well, and the bleeders penalise you, not nice at all.....
    4th Nov 2014
    I reckon if they cant spell Your name You do better !!
    4th Nov 2014
    Or Smell like a Fish and cant Speak English even better !!
    Not Senile Yet!
    6th Nov 2014
    And they wonder why people cheat the system???
    Only OUR Government can get away with the direct discrimination it hands out to so-called "Married" or "De-Facto" citizens......just plain cruel!!
    It is time they were challenged on the issue.....everyone is still an individual....whether married or not!!!
    Therefore Pension entitlements should be valued individually on assets owned and income received.
    Perhaps the Government thinks that we older tax payers do not understand that they have more tax because of our children and increased population than ever before.......and they also have less to fork out for expenses...because they have sold off all their assets to Private Enterprise!!!
    Time to remove these corrupt Party Puppets from our Parliament and replace them with people willing to speak out against their wasteful use of OUR Taxes......not to mention the cost cutting to Pensioners in general.....all in the name of saving tax dollar spend it on what????
    Time to stop electing these corrupt Parties and their PUPPETS into Government......kick them ALL out!!!!
    All they want to do is fill their own pockets and do what their Party Machine tells them........kick them ALL out I say !!!!!!
    Vote as many Independants into BOTH houses....forced them to negotiate some of their bizarre reforms.....that only suit them....not the average citizen!!!!!
    17th Apr 2015
    excellent rave.
    this is the basis of what they forgot....evrytime they, meaning canberra pollies come up with a cut to services it is to us. the ones who paid all the damn taxes in the first place. It appears big business does not pay tax, it apppears the wealthy do not pay tax, we seem to be the only bunnies who paid tax. all our lives. Stop attacking the pension. make it livable. give concession cards out sooner...and let individuals be individuals.
    17th Apr 2015
    I totally concur with the last 2 statements, more like this should be directed to the thieving pollies too.

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