CSHC income limits – 20 September 2017

From 20 September 2017, the income limits that apply to the CSHC will change.

CSHC income limits – 20 September 2017

From 20 September 2017, the income limits that apply to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) will change, meaning you could be eligible.

Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards are available to those of Age Pension age, but who, due to their income and assets, do not qualify for an Age Pension. 

The new annual income limits are as follows:

  • $53,799 (single)
  • $86,076 (couple)
  • $107,598 (couple separated by illness)


As of June 2015, the seniors supplement which was paid to holders of the CSHC, has been abolished.

To learn more about the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, please visit www.humanservices.gov.au

Updated 12 September 2017


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    13th Sep 2017
    Yes, well Turnbull announced all those who lost the PCC due to the assets changes would automatically receive the CSHC. Then he announced those who lost the PCC due to changes to the assets test would have the PCC reinstated. LIAR LIAR LIAR. We lost out PCC early this year when the changes caught up with us, we were only a few dollars over on 1/1/17. And NO we did NOT get the CSHC, and NO we did not get our PCC reinstated. Turnbull punished all those who worked and saved for their retirement, and he is a LIAR LIAR LIAR, I now vote Pauline Hanson after voting for the Lying Liberals for the last 50 odd years,
    13th Sep 2017
    I agree with you Mike 100%. Change of Govt definitely coming up next election
    20th Sep 2017
    Who called turnbull a turdball.
    1st Nov 2017
    Its really Wishy washy Malcolm (turncoat) and partner in sending Aust broke Stand for Nothing Shorten. ALSO Penny Wrong ,Julie (backstabber)Bishop etc.Gee who do we vote for?
    14th Mar 2018
    Please remember that Dear Malcolm was a BANKER and we all know how trustworthy BANKERS are. In his case we do not need a Royal Commission to see how two faced he can be.

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