Claiming a single Age Pension

Will June’s estranged husband’s income and assets affect her Age Pension claim?

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June has recently separated from her husband and is in desperate need of an Age Pension – will her husband’s income and assets affect her claim?

Q. June
I am 67 and have just separated from my second husband. He has all of the superannuation that we lived on and it was his house, so I’m wondering if I will be assessed under his assets? I really need money and would like to know if I can apply for an Age Pension. Can you help me?

A. It is important that you have your separation recorded, a statutory declaration is usually enough but if you have legal documentation, then all the better.

As part of a couple, you would have been assessed as such and your husband’s assets and income would have been included.

As you are now single you will be assessed on your own financial situation and, therefore, it is definitely worth making an Age Pension claim.

However, it should be noted that the process of assessing claims can take some time, and you may be asked to provide considerable documentation, so you should start the application as soon as possible.

You can apply online – you will need a Centrelink Customer Reference number, and online Centrelink account and a MyGov account to do so. You will need to visit a Centrelink customer service centre to apply for a CRN. Find out more at

You can also apply over the phone and if you choose, you can ask Centrelink to send you a hard copy of the forms for you to complete and return.  

Even if you do not have all the information required to hand, submit your application – you can always provide the necessary documentation once you have it, or when additional information is requested.

You may find our eGuide, Your Age Pension and Retirement, useful.



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    21st Aug 2017
    I would suggest June should also be consulting a solicitor, as depending on the length of the relationship she should have some entitlements from her ex husband. Centrelink may take this into account and reduce any future entitlements
    22nd Aug 2017
    I don't think June knows how divorce works. After the divorce she will own all the assets and he will be dead broke and begging for food money on a street corner. That's why men shouldn't get married.
    22nd Aug 2017

    Let this one guy at least enjoy his hard earned money
    22nd Aug 2017
    Don't worry Raphael once she talks to her lawyer she will wondering why she had to leave him the clothes on his back. After all they belong to her.
    23rd Aug 2017
    I agree that June should consult a lawyer as she will have some rights to money as income should be split.If possible try to reach an agreement without a solicitor

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