Rent assistance rates payable from 20 September 2017

The new payment rates and limits for rent assistance.

Rent assistance – 20 September 2017

Rent assistance rates and thresholds will increase on 20 September 2017. Find out what the new payment rates and limits are for those entitled to rent assistance.
Rent Assistance rates if you do not have dependent children

Family situation

Maximum payment per fortnight

Maximum payment is paid if your fortnightly rent is more than

No payment if your fortnightly rent is less than





Single, sharer








One of a couple who are separated due to illness




One of a couple who are temporarily separated




Rent assistance is paid to those in receipt of an income support payment, who pay private rent. Those who rent from a housing authority will not be eligible.

To find out more about rent assistance and thresholds, and how you can claim, visit



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    12th Sep 2017
    Is this going to keep up with all the rent increases? I had a house inspection today and real estate agent said it could be rented for $320 a week if I moved out, I currently pay $245, up to the owner, mind you it is an old house, 1970's decor.
    13th Sep 2017
    This is for country Victoria, 1 1/2 hours from CBD of Melbourne. I suspect rent in the cities is ridiculous. How can anyone afford to live there on a pension or newstart?
    13th Sep 2017
    Wow $4.60 no doubt about these ploys they are unreal get out in real world idiots
    Joy Anne
    13th Sep 2017
    Definitely not enough for pensioners, rental assistance should be much more. I pay $600 a fortnight now and as I will have to move closer to my daughter I will be paying around $320 per week. That will be $640. Rent increases have already applied now around $10 extra per week. The Govt keep giving all the housing to Refugees and Assylum seekers. They get a place almost immediately. How about more cheaper rents for pensioners in housing.
    13th Sep 2017
    Some states are in the process of building new government housing you have to put your name on the list. But you won't be able to choose where you want to live, this is why I am not on it. I want to remain close to my mum and I know for sure there is no government housing available unless you want to live in a dog box with not so pleasant people surrounding you.
    13th Sep 2017
    ...sorry guys but the rental assistance is a bloody joke!!! Centrelink/Govt. - has not moved with the times in years - years! Still think people can pay $100 per week rent! lol lol There are thousands of pensionerss trying to survive in "private rental" going without food/heating/prescriptions - everyday items ...... They are in "la la la land"!!!
    13th Sep 2017
    .....rental needs to be aligned to what people pay per week - not just a "base rate" -
    21st Sep 2017
    Remember if you are retired and living in an over 50's place, you can get rent assistance towards the weekly charges that you have to pay.
    24th Nov 2017
    whom ever represent us pensioners, should be sacked. They have done nothing in this election for rentals for pensioners. Those in the lead must be so well paid that they can sitback and eat , smoke and be merry. Pensioners pay rent and don’t eat. The big boys at the head of the pensioners league, sit back with a smile on great dyles . They suck! sack them!

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