Rent Assistance rates payable from 20 March 2020

The new payment rates and limits for rent assistance from 20 March 2020.

Rent assistance rates payable from 20 March 2020

Rent Assistance rates and thresholds will increase on 20 March 2020. Find out what the new payment rates and limits are for those entitled to rent assistance.
Rent Assistance rates if you do not have dependent children

Family situation

Maximum payment per fortnight

Maximum payment is paid if your fortnightly rent is more than

No payment if your fortnightly rent is less than





Single, sharer








One of a couple who are separated due to illness




One of a couple who are temporarily separated




Rent Assistance is paid to those in receipt of an income support payment, who pay private rent. Those who rent from a housing authority will not be eligible.

To find out more about rent assistance and thresholds, and how you can claim, visit



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    11th Mar 2020
    $1.60!! Pathetic, just so they can say they have increased it. My rent goes up $10 a week nearly every year.

    11th Mar 2020
    Just the sort of pittance one would expect from the Coalition.
    11th Mar 2020
    Let's throw some crumbs to pensioners who are renters....How good is this for humiliation?
    11th Mar 2020
    I would not expect any thing else from these morons and these things are just the begging's they have no morals any thing they say has two meaning a thing I would expect from school kids not grown up people who most are lawyers, etc and don't forget they still believe in serfdom they are dictators watch question time where if labor ask a question that tosser the AG jumps up this member shall not be heard and that's it and nothing more can be said and idiots voted them in

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