Government benefits to working longer

Dennis has continued to work past the age of 65 but isn’t aware of any benefits to which he may be entitled.

Government benefits to working longer

YOURLifeChoices member Dennis has continued to work past the age of 65 but isn’t aware of any benefits to which he may be entitled. Debbie has a timely reminder of what his entitlements may be.

Q. Priscilla

My husband turned 65 last March and he is still working full time.  Can you please tell us of any Government benefits available for staying in the workforce?

A. Priscilla, many older Australians opt to work past Age Pension age and by doing so, assume they are not eligible for the Age Pension.

In 2009, the Government introduced the Work Bonus, which excludes the first $250 of fortnightly income from assessment for the Age Pension. Depending on your husband’s income, this may mean that he is still able to qualify for a part Age Pension.  If this is the case, then he will qualify for a pensioner concession card which will entitle both of you to concessions on such items as prescription charges, utility bills and vehicle registration costs. You can find out more about the Work Bonus by clicking here.

Also, he may be entitled to a Seniors Card; however, working full time usually excludes you from eligibility. Eligibility criteria do vary between states and territories so it would be worthwhile checking with your local Seniors Card office.


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    8th Aug 2012
    I am a 65 year woman whose 30 year marriage ended 3 years ago. I am now having to work to fund my life style and try to build some Super so I do not have to live entirely like a Pensioner. I now work two casual jobs which earn me just over the Pension and Health care card limit. I am disadvantaged as I had not much time to build Super and then had to share what I did have with my ex-spouse. I never dreamt I would be in this position. Still working to Live decently and put a bit away for a rainy day without any assistance. but then I never had any as there was no home deposit assistance when we bought.

    17th Apr 2015
    Government of Australia knows the value and importance of the people and that's why they offer new and beneficial packages to the common men. But still some lack exist in promotions and packages. I think Government should take serious action to the Old Age Compensation and Old Age Pensioner because this is the only way that old person can survive easily. If someone need more assistance and guidance then they can contact homework help services because this type of services working online to facilitate public.

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