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Want to know more about aged care, but confused by the maze of information and acronyms, the roundabout of government departments and the obscure pension implications? This section of YourLifeChoices website is devoted to helping you to negotiate the tips and traps of ageing well at home or in residential care. And how you can make the best choices in aged care, whether for yourself, your parents or a loved one.
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Government update

Government update

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Government focus is all wrong

kaye fallick

Government focus is all wrong

Government needs to look to older Australians and the unemployed to stimulate the economy, writes ...

PM commits $537m to aged care

PM commits $537m to aged care

PM commits $537m to aged care

PM says he will deal with these issues as you would if you were standing ...

Scathing aged care report

Scathing aged care report

Scathing aged care report

Royal Commission finds the aged care system fails to meet the needs of our older ...

Older Australians may die waiting

Older Australians left hanging

Older Australians may die waiting

‘There is no question that our aged care system requires urgent attention,’ says CHF chief.

Dementia study blasts drug use

no to drugs

Dementia study blasts drug use

An analysis of studies that involved more than 23,000 people with dementia found that sufferers ...

Australian aged care disgrace

Australian aged care disgrace

Australian aged care disgrace

New research delivers alarming findings on Australian aged care standards.

What is aged care?

Solving the aged care mystery

Take part in our Friday Flash Poll and help us solve the aged care mystery.

Make a difference

Must-know aged care terms

This handy list of must-know terms will help you to navigate arranging aged care.

What you need to know

Consumer directed care welcomed

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a welcome change to community aged care

Find out more

Cost of aged care

Report urges shake-up of home care

High home-care costs, poor staff training and a lack of transparency identified.

Confusion reigns

Why aged-care planning is vital

It’s tempting to ignore the costs, but do so at your peril.

Start the planning early

Who profits from aged-care funds?

Report highlights how private aged care companies make more money than charities.

Caring and collecting

Decision time - how to process and proceed

Home care versus aged care

Case studies in June’s example compare cost of home vs residential care.

Which one is best?

Your rights

Aged care and the sexual revolution

Sexual intimacy in aged care is a basic human right that’s currently being neglected.

A basic human need