Aged Care

Want to know more about aged care, but confused by the maze of information and acronyms, the roundabout of government departments and the obscure pension implications?
This section of YourLifeChoices website is devoted to helping you to negotiate the tips and traps of ageing well at home or in residential care. And how you can make the best choices in aged care, whether for yourself, your parents or a loved one.

What Aussies really think about ageing

Old people's montage

What Aussies really think about ageing

Attitudes towards older people generally positive, not so for aged care.

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Renting out a property and the pension

What happens if you rent out a house to pay for aged care?

Renting out a property and the pension

Blair wants to rent out his stepfather’s house but is worried about pension implications.

Not responsible for deaths, says minister

I’m not responsible for deaths, says aged care minister

Not responsible for deaths, says minister

‘Homer Simpson could have seen the catastrophe in aged care coming’, inquiry told.

Asian countries do aged care differently

Asian men in a park

Asian countries do aged care differently

Asian countries do aged care differently. Here’s what we can learn from them.

Most aged care needs unmet

elderly man and nurse or carer

Most aged care needs unmet

What it is actually like for people inside the aged care system?

Families failing on ‘taboo topics’

Death and dying taboo topics in too many families, report finds

Families failing on ‘taboo topics’

How to have ‘that’ conversation without upsetting the family is still an issue.

Why the Budget failed in three key areas

Failing to hit the target

Why the Budget failed in three key areas

‘Tax changes will disproportionately advantage wealthy Australians now and into the future’.

What is aged care?

Solving the aged care mystery

Take part in our Friday Flash Poll and help us solve the aged care mystery.

Make a difference

Must-know aged care terms

This handy list of must-know terms will help you to navigate arranging aged care.

What you need to know

Consumer directed care welcomed

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a welcome change to community aged care

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Cost of aged care

Aged care sector eyes ‘wealthy’

Major aged care provider lobbies government for review of means-tested fees.

Pressure on ‘wealthy’

Report urges shake-up of home care

High home-care costs, poor staff training and a lack of transparency identified.

Confusion reigns

Why aged-care planning is vital

It’s tempting to ignore the costs, but do so at your peril.

Start the planning early

Resources and where to get help

Initiatives for isolated older Aussies

Aged care providers are prioritising social connection as a way of reducing feelings of separation.

Reaching out

Retirees’ pleas being ignored

The federal government’s My Aged Care service is failing older Australians.

Alarm bells ringing

Decision time - how to process and proceed

Home care versus aged care

Case studies in June’s example compare cost of home vs residential care.

Which one is best?

Your rights

Aged care and the sexual revolution

Sexual intimacy in aged care is a basic human right that’s currently being neglected.

A basic human need

Our experts

Aged care isn’t working

How we plan for ageing populations and older people is an issue that has been neglected.

Ageing in place