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Knowing where to look and who to ask for help can make the process of accessing aged care services so much easier. This page lists a number of resources which you may find helpful.

Where can I get financial advice?

Need help with the financial side of accessing aged care? Or just unsure how to proceed?

Financial advice is important at all ages – whether you are thinking ahead for your later retirement years, are moving into aged care and need to restructure your investments to pay the fees, or need to sort out your estate planning. You might be looking for answers for yourself or for a parent or another loved one

Every choice you make in relation to aged care will have financial implications. Most importantly, you need to ensure you have cashflow to pay the fees and other living expenses when they are due. Protection of your estate is also important.

You may need help to evaluate your range of choices and to consider how to best restructure your investments to:

create cashflow
analyse the impacts of selling or renting your former home
release cash to pay a refundable accommodation deposit.

Financial advice can be valuable to help you understand the steps you need to take and how to avoid making costly mistakes. This all aims to provide you with peace of mind and take away the fear of uncertainty.

Before making the move into residential aged care, seek advice to help you identify the range of choices available and the impacts on you and your family of each choice. This can also include advice on strategies to maximise your Centrelink/Veterans’ Affairs pension and/or to minimise your aged care fees where possible.

A financial adviser can help you make informed choices and explain the consequences of your decisions. The adviser can also develop a plan for the most effective strategies for your situation so everyone in the family has a clear roadmap to follow for better decision making.

The earlier you start to plan, the greater the range of effective strategies. Planning early, will give you time to think about your options and to involve the family in discussions to ensure everyone is comfortable with the changes.

Not all financial advisers are prepared for giving advice on aged care matters. Look for advisers who have completed an Accreditated Aged Care Professional course. To find a professional adviser who specialises in aged care advice go to and click on the Find an Adviser link.

What other services can help me?

Aged care assessments


1800 200 422


Carers support

Carers Australia

Finding retirement housing/residential care services in your area

Aged Care Information Line

1800 700 600


Seniors Housing Online

Aged Care

Financial advice

Centrelink Financial Information Support (FIS) Service

13 23 00


Help with a complaint

Aged Care Complaints Investigation Scheme

1800 550 552


National Aged Care Advocacy Line

1800 700 600


Information on aged care services

Aged Care Information Line

1800 200 422


Veterans Home Care

13 32 54 or 1800 555 254


Aged care services

Commonwealth Carelink Centre

1800 052 222


Translation services

Translating and Interpreting Service

13 14 50


What can I read if I want more information?

Five Steps to Entry into an Aged Care Home

This free booklet is produced by the Department of Health to help you understand what residential aged care is and how it can be arranged.

This article is prepared by the strategy specialists at Aged Care Steps, a company supporting financial planning advisers who provide planning advice for aged care. To find a professional adviser who specialises in aged care advice go to and click on the Find an Adviser link.

Disclaimer: This is general advice and does not take into account your particular circumstances or objectives. Before taking any action you should seek personal financial planning, taxation or legal advice and refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before investing in any product. Aged Care Steps Pty Ltd ABN 42 156 656 843, AFSL 486723, registered tax (financial) advisers 25581502.

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