Talking to your parents about aged care

As experts in aged care, Feros Care understands the need to include elderly parents in the decisions surrounding their care. These helpful hints on discussing the need for aged care support may make broaching the topic easier.

As your parents age, signs that they need help can be obvious and some not so much. Perhaps your mum is prone to leaving the stove on or your dad has trouble navigating around a once familiar shopping centre?  If these situations resonate with you, it might be time you had a difficult, yet valuable conversation with your parents and start looking into support services that can help them at home.

Experience shows that having this kind of proactive family discussion has many benefits including:

  • allowing everybody, especially your mum or dad, to have their say
  • a relaxed approach lets everyone calmly consider the options
  • forward planning and discussion generally means better decisions can be made rather than when under pressure in a crisis situation
  • iIf an emergency situation does arise the agreed plan is known and expected by all family members, lessening the trauma.

Feros Care is an aged care organisation which not only provides support services, but also helps families determine what services are available to suit the individual’s needs. The organisation’s Aged Care Advisory team has put together the following helpful hints to take the stress out of talking to your family.

How to have the conversation:

  • try to have the discussion at a quiet time, with no distractions, and be patient and respectful
  • try to have the conversation face-to-face (use Skype if you don’t live close by) as tone and intent can be misinterpreted over the phone or email
  • calmly and considerately listen to the person’s concerns, point of view and questions
  • ensure the person understands it is about making sure they are safe and independent
  • let the person know ‘I’m very worried about you and want to help in any way I can’ – this will help them understand why you are having this conversation
  • take a positive approach in finding a common goal that makes everyone happy
  • think about any friends or relatives who access aged care services and use them as an example
  • do your research together so that they can understand what help is available to them
  • be prepared not to make any decisions in the first conversation and to revisit the topic a number of times
  • if you feel your parent needs urgent help and they are resistant, consider seeking the support of their GP or other professionals such as aged care workers, social workers, case workers or allied health staff


Feros Care has an experienced Aged Care Advisory Team which will provide free and friendly assistance to seniors and carers. Call 1300 763 583 regarding your aged and community care questions.
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