What is aged care?


Friday Flash Poll: Help us solve the aged care mystery

Take part in our Friday Flash Poll and help us solve the aged care mystery.

Government leaves older Australians waiting for home care

Over 50,000 older Australians are awaiting a home care package.

Is confusion limiting access to home-care options?

Older Australians want to stay at home but face a confusing array of options.

Must-know aged care terms

This handy list of must-know terms will help you to navigate arranging aged care.

State ministers to meet to discuss retirement villages

Politicians will work together to solve the retirement village scandal.

New possibilities for aged care

Do you want to take a look at the future of aged care?

Funding aged care – home care versus residential

Case studies in June's example compare cost of home vs residential care.

Consumer directed care welcomed

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a welcome change to community aged care



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