Airline holistic safety rating

ATRA has released the 2014 holistic safety rating for commercial airlines.

Independent Swiss rating agency, Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA), has released the 2014 holistic safety rating for commercial airlines.

With four major accidents occurring in only five months, 2014 has already been a black year for air disasters. However, accident records are not the only criteria for measuring airline safety.

Since accident rates cannot be used to derive any valid statistical interpretations, ATRA has selected 15 criteria contributing to a general safety profile. Unlike airline rankings based on passenger satisfaction surveys, ATRA is the only rating agency which uses an objective mathematical multi-criteria approach, taking into account the complexity of air safety.

The ATRA holistic safety rating is used by financial analysts, insurers and travel agencies for its quality and consideration of a number of parameters which contribute to general safety, without necessarily being directly attributed to safety management or accident history.

Out of 94 airlines, the top 10 based on ATRA ratings for 2014 are:

  1. Air China
  2. Air France KLM Group
  3. AMR Corporation
  4. China Southern Airlines Group
  5. International Airlines Group
  6. Delta Air Lines
  7. Lufthansa Group
  8. Southwest Airlines
  9. United Continental Holdings
  10. US Airways Group

For more information visit ATRA.


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    20th Sep 2014
    Noticed that Qantas does not appear, used to be the best.
    20th Sep 2014
    I agree. Qantas should be in there, although there have been an increasing number of maintenance issues since the company sent most of its work offshore to the third world. This is also my issue with Chinese airlines. And then you need to look at the historic record of United as well as the fact that United has some of the olderst planes in its fleet of any airline.
    The so called Independent Group is more than likely being apid by the airlines concerned. Not too different to the Independent Remuneration Tribunals for CEO pay in Australia or the same organisation which doubled federal politicians' pay not too long ago. These groups are normally in no way 'independent'.
    The list is a bit of a joke for the most part.
    20th Sep 2014
    Too true Mick, All this so called self regulation is crap has never worked and never will never will (whoops! a bit of Tony Abbot here repeating myself)because all these groups have one thing in mind, how to twist things to their benefit.
    20th Sep 2014
    What a joke. Clearly the group who made this list up is a cash for comment organisation. Air China as number 1???? Yeah right. As if the maintenance issues would not be enough then I strongly suggest that travellers try to sit in a plane for 12 hours with Chinese bourgeois travellers. An experience to behold. Good luck.
    20th Sep 2014
    Hmmm. Delta Airlines may have made the list for safety but they still allow children to poo in the cabin. Not realy safe from a health perspective.
    20th Sep 2014
    It's disgusting. Can't believe an American airline would allow that. Didn't that happen on a Chinese airline recently?
    20th Sep 2014
    What's happened to Singapore Airlines, a very good name?
    Polly Esther
    21st Sep 2014
    Confucius says, 'Woman who flies plane upside down, she have crack up'.
    and if your flight lands and you walk off then it is a safe airline.

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