Airline Update September 2016

Find out the latest updates from the air and on the ground this week.

Airline Update September 2016

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. If she had one superpower, it would be teleportation – the ultimate cure for her fear of flying.

New routes and air alliances can mean more travel options, so what’s new in the air and on the ground this week?

Virgin’s advanced Australian fares

Virgin Australia is overhauling its current fares from 7 September, under their new ‘Fares For You’ branding. Rather than the traditional economy, premium economy and business class fares, there will now be nine ticket categories to choose from.

The change is designed to allow customers to have much more control over what their ticket does and doesn’t include. At the same time Virgin will begin charging seat selection for travellers flying on lower priced fares, including Velocity Gold and Platinum frequent flyers.

For a full list of all the changes, including the nine new fare options and how they will affect you read more at Australian Business Traveller. What do you think of this new fare model? Do you like the flexibility or do you prefer the standard, more streamlined options currently available?

cathay pacific air hostess

Cathay’s new credit card fees

Following on from the Reserve Bank’s new rules on credit card surcharges, Cathay Pacific has revised its credit card booking fees.

As of 1 September, all bookings made with Cathay Pacific through travel agents will no longer attract the flat fee of $30; rather, the fee will be a percentage based one, dependent on the total cost of the ticket.

Fees will be capped at $70, with payments on a Visa or MasterCard attracting a 0.99 per cent charge and a 1.3 per cent fee for American Express and Diners Club.

Read more at Australian Business Traveller.



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    3rd Sep 2016
    Virgin? Now there's an interesting story.
    My wife and I persevered with Virgin for years. As frequent overseas travellers I asked Virgin for lower fares on many occasions to retain its regular fliers and promote loyalty. The result was only ever a fob off and BS.
    Our regular route (SYD to LAX) normally flew only two thirds full and the seats on their Boeing 777s were rock hard with limited legroom and space which made a 14 hour flight challenging anyway. Other carriers who offer A380s are far superior and prices were routinely lower.
    Virgin recently posted a huge loss. No surprise. Thereby lies a lesson on looking after your regulars. We won't be back and Qantas is looking pretty good amongst others. At least we still get to pick a local carrier. Bye bye Virgin! Good luck.
    3rd Sep 2016
    I just pick a flight for the best price at a suitable arrival time. I actually prefer Jetstar over Qantas any day as I can relax without all those unnecessary interruptions.
    3rd Sep 2016
    Don't tell don't have luggage. If you do then you pay more than a seat with Virgin.
    Clearly you do not travel overseas Bronny.
    3rd Sep 2016
    Maybe I missunderstood the new laws in Australia,as of 1st September the maximum CC fee charged was tobe 0.8%, Are Virgin only classified as a small business as it was the only option to gain extra time to comply?

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