Airline update: the future of economy

Find out the latest updates from the air and on the ground this week.

Airline update: the future of economy

New routes and air alliances can mean more travel options, so what’s new in the air and on the ground this week?

No phone, no entry
If Trump officials have their way, foreigners could soon be required to hand over their mobile phones before entering the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the aim of the exercise would be to figure out who you are communicating with, said a senior Homeland Security official, adding “What you can get on the average person's phone can be invaluable.”

The proposed change would apply for all trips – even short ones – with visitors potentially faced with being forced to disclose contacts, social media passwords and financial records as well as answer questions relating to their ideology.

With civil rights groups condemning the proposal, we can only hope that as with his attempted ban on Muslims, federal judges will block this too.

You can read the full details at the Wall Street Journal

Upgrade your economy experience
Economy just got a lot more comfortable, thanks to Air New Zealand’s Skycouch. Forget fighting over the armrests or feeling claustrophobic in that middle seat, Skycouch allows you to stretch out like never before.

Allowing customers to book a row of three economy seats, the Skycouch also comes complete with customised footrests that raise to a horizontal position, creating a flat flexible space to stretch out and relax.

Perfect for a couple who’d like some extra room, parents with young kids, or travel companions that aren’t sick of each other yet, it’s exactly like your very own couch at 30,000 feet.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Would you consider booking a Skycouch on your next long haul flight?

Find out more at Air New Zealand.



    To make a comment, please register or login
    29th Apr 2017
    Saw that some time ago Sue. The price will kill that idea as you have to buy the 3 seats to turn into a bed.......and you need 4 seats to properly stretch out. Three is fair but certainly not comfortable. Been there done that.
    29th Apr 2017
    I don't use my phone for social media even though it's available. So they won't find anything more than Australian phone calls & SMS - so there! (pokes tongue out).

    As for the economy bed thought, I wouldn't want to be trying to crawl out the end of a bed. It's hard enough to get out on the side! If I want a fully flat bed, then I will book business class at least.
    29th Apr 2017
    Sky Couch, waste of time, premium economy or business if you want a bed.
    The mobile phones: “What you can get on the average person's phone can be invaluable.”
    Sure is, nothing to hide here, I'll happily hand mine over for ANYONE to look at. Could mean a change of tactics for business people with confidential data on takeovers/mergers etc. Though it would be stupid to have it on a mobile, computer, a different story.
    This idea is a GOOD idea for all countries to think about, catch a few petty crims, a LOT of Paedophiles and generally people would be a lot more careful of what they may have on there phone.
    29th Apr 2017
    Another reason NOT to go to the USA. It is (was ) a great country which I visited many times for work and leisure, but what is developing there presently and the Nazi-style immigration and customs checks on entering - no not for me anymore. They can stick it. There are many more places in the world which are more welcoming.
    29th Apr 2017
    Handing over the phone: I have nothing to hide but it's a matter of principle that I would not have them invade my privacy. I wouldn't go to the USA if they paid me to go anyway. There are so many interesting places here in Australia and in countries other than the USA that I want to visit.
    29th Apr 2017
    Anyone with anything to hide on their phones will just hide the phones and give them a dud.

    As for the economy bed, I wouldn't mind, I got sick last time I flew and had to keep my head down to feel okay. But I guess the cost would not be worth it.

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