Airport update

An airport in Amsterdam has implemented an innovative way to charge your device.

In an innovative move, an airport in Amsterdam has installed desks which allow passengers to recharge their devices using pedal power while they wait for their plane.

The desks, by Belgium-based company WeWATT, are equipped with pedals which convert physical exertion into energy, allowing devices to be powered in an environmentally (and waistline) friendly way. Rather than sit on the floor next to a rare power point, travellers in transit can get some work and exercise done before boarding their plane.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is the first to implement desks, however Brussels Airport and various railway stations around Europe are following suit.

What do you think? Are these a good idea? Would you use these desks to charge your phone?


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    fish head
    16th Aug 2014
    Darned good idea.Those power points are rare and for those of us past sitting on the floor ( we can get down but getting up .......) impossible.
    16th Aug 2014
    Wonderful idea - and helps get that circulation going after a long flight and before boarding another - so a good health bonus too. Hope all other major airports take this on too.
    Ageing but not Old
    16th Aug 2014
    I also agree with the first two; except I can't (easily) get down without assistance, and definitely can't get up off the floor without a lot of assistance! I can, however, do some cycling, and think it would be excellent to do something healthy rather than kill time shopping (which I can't afford) or eating & drinking (which I don't need). Really, you can recharge, but also use the power to preserve a 'full' battery while using smart phone or tablet, etc for what you want. Hope someone from CASA or whomever runs the airports see this!
    16th Aug 2014
    Very good idea the sooner they come into Australia the better

    How do I get to be the first to introduce them, it may get me a job
    16th Aug 2014
    And I agree having a bad ankle is interesting with me getting up off the floor
    16th Aug 2014
    An excellent idea and as those that have already posted have stated are good for your health also!
    Even if only for a short period of time while sitting at an Airport !
    17th Aug 2014
    Yes, but........What are the real logistics in this? How much power d you want to generate? Standard smartphone (and USB) rate is 5v at 1A maximum. That's just 5W for those who don't know. About the same as a small torch bulb. How long do you need to supply this for a full charge? Judging by my smarty - about six hours. Note that you can't increase the charge rate to shorten the time without causing possible damage to your battery -- it's all designed as a package around the USB system. So good luck in your endeavours to save the planet --- or whatever the latest excuse is --- it sounds like just another great big con to me.

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